Governor Palin Blasts Begich: ‘Man up, Mark’

Classic takedown of a politician we discussed recently:

Man Up, Mark

The independent spirit in the Last Frontier includes having the guts to take a stand for what you believe in. On Tuesday, Alaskans vote on a ballot measure that cuts right to the heart of our future. It’s arguably the most important political debate facing the 49th state since statehood, because it determines our commitment to the state’s Constitution. Can you believe Alaska’s junior U.S. Senator who wants to be re-elected doesn’t feel he needs to weigh in on this most important issue, at all?

Mark Begich, Alaskans deserve to know whose side you’re on in the debate about ownership of our energy resources and responsible development to create good jobs. It comes down to repealing SB 21. Voting “YES” on Prop 1 means you understand we need NEW oil development for security and prosperity. Can you take a stand on this? Or are you too afraid of offending Outside influencers (with all their sweet, sweet campaign cash) to take a stand for Alaskans? Your 90% voting record with Harry Reid to empower Barack Obama speaks volumes, but your unwillingness to engage with Alaskans on our energy issue says it all.

It’s time to man up, Mark! Instead of the typical politician, Alaskans need a fighter in D.C. with guts. Can you take a stand? We can’t hear you.

– Sarah Palin

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