Governor Palin Nails Obama on Foreign Policy

Over at the Sarah Palin Channel, Governor Palin takes the Obama administration to task over their naivete (or purposeful ignorance) on Jihad.

Governor Palin realistically calls it out by proclaiming “It’s all the same Jihad.”

She remarks on the current outrage against ISIS by reminding Americans the massive trouble we’ve continually had with Al Qaeda as well as Hamas’s ongoing assault of Israel and its civilians also noting how the big bad Hamas terrorists have no problem hiding behind children when Israel fights back.

She goes on to remind the Obama administration that you cannot negotiate with Jihadists in any way.  If you recall, she warned Americans of Obama’s desire to negotiate with terrorists, even without preconditions.

Finally, she states that the only entity capable of defeating Jihad is the American military.

It’s a great video full of good commonsense policy suggestions.  Check it out here and join in on the discussion.

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