The Lapdog Syndrome of Gail Collins and the Declining New York Times

Gail Collins went all out apparently having one too many last night as she pounded away at her latest piece which graces the sparsely-credible and commercially-declining New York Times.

She “covers” the current Alaska Senate race and much like PPP and their polling, is unable to discuss Alaska without channeling her severe Palin derangement.  She begins though by attacking Joe Miller for a recent campaign flier his campaign sent out:

One of the Republican contenders, Joe Miller, is so far to the right that he’s practically in Canada. Miller, who’s obsessed with immigration and “amnesty,” recently sent out a mailer covered with pictures of scary-looking, tattooed Hispanic men. “Begich wants them to vote. And if 20 million illegals vote, you can kiss the 2nd amendment goodbye,” it read.

Besides being racist and incredibly offensive, the flier appeared to be arguing that criminals are sneaking across our southern border bent on making firearms illegal.

Considering that liberals often suggest that Canada has superior health care to the United States, maybe Collins meant this as a compliment?

Yet, can you imagine a progressive lapdog at the New York Times hurling the charge of racism at a conservative?  Completely unheard of.  (Sarcasm).  Of course, Collins doesn’t mention Miller’s response to the flier which points out the president’s (and liberals’) desire to grant amnesty to millions of illegals and how it can also threaten our Second Amendment rights:

“If you end up granting amnesty to those who don’t value gun rights, who have not been raised in an environment where the Second Amendment is cherished — is considered to be a God-given right — the reality is over a generation or two, the likelihood is very strong that the Second Amendment will not be here,” Miller explained. “We have violent thugs coming across our border and doing violent things.”

A flier depicting dangerous thugs is not racist.  It is what it is.  The next thing you know, liberal lapdogs like Collins will be suggesting that “Wanted” signs at the Mexican border depicting similarly tattooed thugs are racist, too.

I’m thrilled personally that we are getting a new generation of conservatives who roll their eyes at the charge of racism.  It’s overused and has lost its effectiveness thanks to the group-think lap-doggery happening at places like the New York Times or from the usual race mongers like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.  I am only sorry that it makes a mockery of the true racism that has occurred in the nation’s past.

Collins goes on:

The two normal Republicans in the race — Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and former Attorney General Dan Sullivan — are pretty much sticking to running against federal spending. “I’m not going to Washington with a gunny sack to bring home federal money,” Treadwell announced during the debate. “I’m going with a crowbar to pry loose our liberties.”

Yet — you’ve already guessed this, right? — Alaska gets more federal money per person than any other state. And there’s virtually no discussion of eliminating anything its residents — who pay no state income tax or sales tax — get now.

“Normal” Republicans is of course code word for less conservative or less likely to fight where our Constitution is concerned.

And I am tired of journalists like Collins leaving out the fact that much of Alaska’s land is occupied by the federal government.  The large swaths of land owned by the feds, and other federal services all somehow play into the amount of funding that is allocated to the state.  The way journalists portray it though leads one to believe that Alaskans are basically welfare recipients of the federal government.  Of course, journalists at the New York Times are virtually incapable of providing their readers with all the information.

Collins continues:

 But there’s more! Including a big referendum on taxing oil companies, with Sarah Palin urging her fans to tax the rich.

Palin has been a wing nut for so long that we’ve forgotten that she made her name in Alaska as an actual reformer. Her great achievement as governor was a law that taxed oil companies at rates between 25 percent and 75 percent, depending on their profits

And just as everything else mentioned in her article, the problem isn’t what she says as much as what she leaves out.

Of course among the Palin deranged, this isn’t news.  Yet, whenever ACES is discussed in the lamestream media, you get the impression that it was legislation designed by socialists to “tax the rich.”  However, the media always leaves out the fact that Alaska’s Constitution names the citizens of the state as the beneficiaries and owners of the state’s resources.  Never will you hear the lapdog media explain the truth in that Governor Palin and conservatives who created and supported ACES did so with the guidance of the Constitution, not by a desire to create socialism.  Of course, Collins would also be the same type to trash capitalism without explaining to her mindless readers that there’s a genuine difference between true free market capitalism and the crony capitalism that ACES tackled (now known as “crapitalism” which guides the establishment of Washington D.C.).

And of course she couldn’t resist a personal shot:

[S]he abandoned the state midterm for the glories of reality television and Fox News commentary.


And Palin’s 18-minute monologue in support of her signature reform — broadcast on her SarahPalin channel — has the overall effect of being trapped in an airplane with a seatmate who has inhaled helium.

At least we know that Collins apparently knows firsthand how someone who inhales helium behaves and that she admits to watching the video, yet as a self-proclaimed smarty pants, she admits she didn’t understand it as she omits so much of the law’s constitutional basis that Governor Palin clearly explained.

Further, she omits the fact that Mark Begich is cowardly slinking to the sidelines as a matter of political convenience as he faces re-election and won’t take a position on the matter.

This shot at Governor Palin demonstrates the much-needed critical thinking needed in our media.  Collins also ignores Governor Palin’s fight for ethics, her taking on corrupt members of her own party, her overhauling education, balancing budgets, or serving as an energy expert for the AOGCC.  Collins doesn’t emphasize the need for more out of public servants currently serving which is why she ignores Begich’s silence on SB-21.  Rather, she exists to make excuses for liberals and politicians who occupy public office and do nothing while there which is proving disastrous to the American people.

On the flipside, Governor Palin fulfilled all of her campaign promises in a small amount of time before being forced to resign due to a group of extremists in 2009 and their accompanying frivolous ethics charges.  She went home to spare her people and to live by the laws she created. This is what the founders ultimately intended.  She understands that it’s a service and not a career.

Further, without a title, she’s taking a stand right now in Alaska without having to receive the taxpayer-funded paycheck that Begich is collecting as he remains silent.

Of course this is just another example of why the media has hit an all new low.  They no longer exist to report facts or to protect the American people.  They hurl charges of racism, omit facts, and downright slander those who threaten the go-along-to-get-along mentality in D.C.

It also explains why the New York Times continues to decline and why perhaps other more successful media outlets like FOX News and up-and-coming alternative outlets like the Sarah Palin Channel remain on the receiving end of their ire.


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