Las Vegas Review-Journal | Steelworkers taken for ride by Reid, Pelosi

The sweeping new health insurance mandates imposed huge costs on the health plans that unions had spent decades building. And when labor groups tried to persuade President Barack Obama and Democrats to address the problems the law had created — albeit through breaks exclusive to unions, not all Americans — unions were ignored. It was just last year that Steelworkers, the Culinary and other trade and service unions went public with their unhappiness with Obamacare. In fact, the parent AFL-CIO approved a resolution declaring that the Affordable Care Act will drive up the costs of union-sponsored health plans so much that members and employers will be forced to abandon them.

For this, Steelworkers waved signs Monday that declared Rep. Pelosi “Best Speaker Ever!” Wow. There’s pandering, there’s denial, and then there’s selective amnesia.

But the economic harm caused by Obamacare is small when compared with the Democratic Party’s larger assault on the private industries that employ so many union workers, including Steelworkers. Take the party’s opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project, which would create thousands of jobs and require hundreds of miles of steel pipe. Rep. Pelosi has said she doesn’t believe Keystone brings value to the American economy, while Sen. Reid has blasted the Keystone project as “dirty” and “unsustainable.” In fact, Sen. Reid has blocked votes on the Keystone project, even though members of his own caucus support the project.

Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Reid also oppose expanded oil and gas drilling across the country, especially on federal land, even though those industries require huge amounts of steel and employ many thousands of union workers.

This helps American families? This jump-starts the middle class?


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