Megyn Kelly eviscerates Bill Ayers

Via The Blaze. Last summer Megyn Kelly interviewed friend of Obama and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, on The Kelly File.  The interview, as I recall, was most noteworthy for Ayers repeatedly denying that he wrote or said something even when Kelly was reading these quotes verbatim from Ayers’ own books. Kelly as is her style, didn’t let Ayers off the hook like, for example, a host at MSNBC would have. The result was a one-sided interview in which Ayers was made to look rather foolish by the tenacious Megyn Kelly. Anyway, Ayers evidently didn’t take kindly to being challenged and lashed out at Kelly in an interview at a website known more for purveying left-wing nonsense than anything else, In his interview at Salon, an outlet far more sympathetic to people of Ayers’ ilk, he said Kelly is “very metallic”, “like a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News” with “very cold” eyes.  Or something. Anyway, Kelly couldn’t resist taking a big swing at this belt-high fastball Ayers left out over the middle of the plate. And she didn’t miss:

Kelly 2, Ayers 0.

I’ve never understood the Bill Ayers phenomenon. He’s a cold-blooded terrorist with blood on his hands. I don’t subscribe to the notion that one can be an “ex-terrorist”.  Why is he walking the streets? He should be in prison. And yet he’s treated like an upstanding citizen, even given tenure at a major university. I can’t help but wonder if his treatment by the mainstream media — and the criminal justice system — would have been a tad different had his politics been right rather than left.




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