Sarah Palin and September 3rd:How Two Speeches Re-Defined the Planes of Politics

September 3rd, 2008. It’s a day many of us remember quite well. Governor Palin brought the house down with her RNC speech accepting the Vice Presidential nomination. Not only was her delivery perfectly pitched, her words were revelatory of the Obama presidency:

We are now six years removed from this political earthquake, but the prescient aftershocks continue to occur. Four years ago, Stacy Drake and I tag teamed a post highlighting the warnings of Governor Palin in that eventually came to fruition in the first two years of the Obama presidency, as highlighted by this great clip compiled by Stacy:

Some of the faces from that clip may have changed, but the evil still remains. As highlighted last week, Governor Palin’s RNC speech noted Obama’s lack of strategic planning when it comes to policy (most recently with the evils of ISIS) in spite of the overabundance of political planning and nuance. Governor Palin has been proven correct time and time again over the last six years–from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to “death panels” to quantitative easing. She did what few have done–boldly called exposed the Left for who they are and what political intentions they have.

However, Governor Palin’s message has not only focused the horizontal plane of Left and Right. What separates her message from that of so many others is her articulation of politics on a vertical plane–both in the chasm between the politically connected and the every day American and the hierarchy of the Republican Party. This message of the vertical nature of politics is no better seen than in another September 3rd speech given by Governor Palin, this time in a field in Iowa in 2011:

I’ll let Governor Palin’s own words speak for themselves.

Politicians govern for a season, but political leaders change the dimensions in which their discipline operates, be it business, academics, or politics. From her stand against cronyism in city council chambers when a fellow council member tried to steer garbage removal business to his company to her constant message again crony capitalism to her continual support of constitutional candidates who buck their own party’s establishment, Governor Palin has shifted the conversation. Policies and political action are no longer carelessly measured against a party’s political precedent, but instead against the platform and principles that party claims to stand upon.

In a tangible and literal sense, Governor Palin may choose the contented happiness of riding shotgun in Todd’s Piper Cub Float Plane over the gas-guzzling extravagance of Air Force One, but when it comes to the planes of politics, she has piloted her own path and changed the game.

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