Sen. Pat Roberts to Gov. Palin: ‘We’re Going to Follow You’

Palin KS

Governor Palin dominated in Kansas this morning, creating energy for incumbent-Senator Pat Roberts who’s being challenged by a supposed “independent” for his seat.

Twitchy has a great play-by-play of this morning’s event.

Here are just a couple of tweets they shared:



Twitter itself also lit up with other tweets from folks attending the campaign event:



That last tweet links to an article where a variety of photos from the event are available.

During the speech, Governor Palin warned Kansans that they were being “snookered” by Greg Orman, via the Washington Post:

“Here in Independence, I know a little bit about going rogue,” Palin said. She added, “Anybody with a liberal record like Greg’s — supporting Barack Obama, supporting Obamacare, supporting amnesty, supporting Harry Reid — that’s not independence. That’s someone who’s trying to snooker you, Kansas!”

As the tweet above noted, Governor Palin spoke to a large crowd as it was “standing room only.”

Senator Pat Roberts reached out to Governor Palin knowing she’s the “true, grassroots, courageous Republican” our party certainly needs more of.  Now let us see if the rest of the boys in the GOP will take note of such wisdom.

Here is a short video of the Governor this morning greeting voters via the Wichita Eagle:

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