Washington Times | Obama’s hot flash on global warming

The Tuesday weather forecast for Manhattan calls for sunny skies with temperatures in the 70s. World leaders gathered to hear President Obama complain about climate extremes and urge them to abandon the pursuit of prosperity to do something about the weather. He might find it difficult to hold their attention.

The wealthy West preaches the need to make carbon sacrifices to Mother Earth so that, once satisfied, she will bestow cold weather on us. The world leaders, who aren’t dumb, will say whatever it takes to get aid money, but many of them rightly recognize that giving up affordable energy sources that emit carbon dioxide — that’s the same stuff that everybody exhales — kills all hope of achieving prosperity. It makes as much sense as giving a man dying of thirst a salty cracker when what he needs is a cup of water.

Several European nations, in fact, have turned out to be fair-weather global warmists. They talk a good game, but attempts to impose a binding worldwide treaty collapsed in Copenhagen five years ago.

Mr. Obama has trouble with strategy, and he’s likely to have as much success restoring the coalition of the unwilling as he has in devising a coherent strategy to defeat Islamic terrorism, which is real indeed, and goes by its new name, the Islamic State, or ISIS.

Even Hollywood is bailing. Benjamin Schmidt, a historian at Northeastern University, created an online tool to search for specific words and phrases in movies and television shows. “Climate change” is no longer hot among screenwriters.

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