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October 13th, 2014  Williston, North Dakota • iizthatiiz

Governor Palin delivered the keynote address at Trinity Christian School on the campus of Williston State College in North Dakota. Palin’s remarks centered on oil production and christian education.

Religion, and her experiences with the oil and gas industry, were the focus of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s remarks in Williston tonight.

Over a thousand people packed the Trinity Christian School to listen to the speech (KQCD)

(photo courtesy Williston Herald)

Early in her presentation she spoke of previous time spent in North Dakota including her favorites: a UND hockey game and the Northern Lights this far ‘south.’

“Driving to and from North Dakota to see our son, I remember early, early one morning, it was very dark outside, everybody’s asleep in the rig and I’m at the wheel and I am shocked to look up and see these spectacular Northern Lights in North Dakota. (KXnet)

Gov. Sarah Palin says North Dakota embodies the “drill, baby, drill” mantra more so than anywhere else.

Palin also says her native Alaska and North Dakota also share a kinship based on oil a “pioneering spirit.” (KXNews)

“Our states share a pioneering spirit,” she told the crowd of several hundred, adding that the two states were also bonded by oil. “You feed America and you fuel America, North Dakota.”

She added: “The American dream is certainly alive and well here and we need that again, North Dakota.”

Palin was joined at the fundraiser by evangelical historian David Barton. His speech largely looked at the detrimental effect the removal of the bible from public schools has had on education and society. (Daily Journal)


The Governor posted about the event on Facebook:


photo courtesy of Sarah Palin


AGU-ND State Coordinator Karmen Siirtola delivered this ground report



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