• Sarah Palin Warns Libs .. “I’m Gonna Bug The Crap Out Of Them” • [ Hints At Future Run ]

October 28th, 2014 • iizthatiiz [updated 2:20pm pst]

Governor Sarah Palin told Fox News host Stuart Varney that she has no intention of withdrawing politically, that the personal attacks she receives from “those haters out there”, only serve to motivate her further.

Varney asked if the “disgraceful”, “hatred level” directed at her over the years had “driven her out of politics for good.”

“No, bless their hearts. Those haters out there, they don’t understand that it invigorates me, it wants me to get out there and defend the innocent. It makes me want to work so hard for justice in this country. So hey, the more they’re pouring on, the more I’m gonna bug the crap out of them by being out there, with a voice, with the message, hopefully running for office again in the future too.”

“I think we just got the quote of the day” quipped Varney.

2014-10-28_Palin_on_Costello_screenshotVarney: CNN’s anchor Carol Costello, she mocked your family after the incident involving your daughter Bristol … So here’s my next question.  What’s it like dealing with that kind of mockery, and thats what it is mockery, for more than six years?  This is a personal question.  What’s it feel like?

Palin: I always have to keep in mind that other people have it a heck of a lot harder than the Palin’s do.  They’re taking the real shots out there.  Maybe they have a kid out there in the war zone fighting for America right now, and they’re worried about their child in the armed forces.  Maybe they’ve just lost a job.  Maybe their parents are ill .. there are so many challenges.  Every family has a challenge and I just have to keep that in mind, that other people have it a lot tougher than we do.

“The bottom line of course is that liberals, they love those Saul Alinsky, ‘Rules for Radicals’, where they’re out there playing the politics of personal destruction. They do want to destroy personally those whom they disagree with. They’re very, very intolerant of those who maybe hold opposing views to their liberal, failed agenda views. So you know, they wanna crush us.” Palin added.

Varney: The ‘War On Women’ sometimes seems more like a war on you. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy. You’d agree with that?

Palin: Absolutely, these liberals are underestimating the wisdom of the people, especially the wisdom of women. No, what the liberals would like to do, what the democrats would like to do is make women feel that they are not capable enough, strong enough, smart enough to make it on their own and pull themselves up by the bootstraps instead.

When asked about Hillary Clinton’s remark last Friday where the potential 2016 Democratic nominee said that business’s and corporations weren’t the ones who create jobs, Palin said, “that echoes President Obama’s comment that those business owners who’ve worked so hard all their lives to create what it is that they do create in order to hire people and get the economy rolling .. oh, “you didn’t build that”

Palin continued, “I think that if the top two Democrats in the country both are spewing this anti free men and free market sentiment of theirs, that business doesn’t actually create jobs” .. “well if the top two Democrats believe that, then hey, other Democrats around the country, you’re looking really bad”.

Varney: Governor, what about the other side of the coin? The GOP and its leadership. What do you think of GOP leadership at the moment? Is there such as a single, or two or three people who lead the Republican party?

Palin: The leadership right now, those who at least have the titles of leaders in the GOP, they need more guts. They need to be empowered, and they need to have the confidence that the American people understand that the planks in the Republican platform happen to be strong planks upon which our country can grow and prosper and be more secure. Instead of being so hesitant, kind of ‘going along to get along’ thinking that ‘oh no’, the media’s going to say something mean about me if I exercise some of the leadership that we’re all craving.

Palin: I just would like to see them have more confidence in what it is that we stand for. Because history proves these contested truths that are embraced or should be embraced by conservatives, they’re the ones that work. And we do have a lot of good leaders out there, like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Those who they don’t have the title of leader, but at least in my opinion and a lot of people I know, our opinion is they are the ones who do exercise the leadership we need, the boldness, the courage.

When questioned by Varney about the influence of the ‘conservative side’ of the GOP, Palin responded:

“It’s the ‘common sense’ side of the party.  It’s the common sense side of the American populace where we do understand that free markets are how we can grow and prosper, because this is how we built America.  It was development of our natural resources and reward for work ethic.  That is what was the foundation of America.  That is how its been built.  Now when that’s stymied, when it’s simply erased from the agenda on the Federal government level, then we get what we have today in America.  One of the highest corporate taxes in the world.  We have energy dependence, we’re not energy independent yet despite what Obama says.  We have all these things that are gonna create more and more failure in the marketplace.  Now if we were to embrace those planks in the Republican platform that allow for competition, and allow government to get the heck out of the way so that business’ can do what they do best and prioritize according to their needs and their wills then we will be prosperous.  But right now, the conservative wing of the party if you will, the common sense wing of the party, we’re the ones preaching it.  We’re the ones who live it.  Those of us who’ve been elected officials in office and have exercised that and proven that it succeeds.”

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