• Wendy Davis Apprehended in Twit Pic Theft •

October 24th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

It all started out so quietly.  Just a tweet from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis depicting young voters who had cast ballots on her behalf.

Until someone came across this older tweet

No, it’s not “deja vu all over again”.  The image Wendy had so proudly tweeted originated from the official twitter account of the College Republicans at Virginia Tech University one month earlier!

Rounding out, it’s about 1,300 miles (as the crow ‘lies’) from Blacksburg, Virginia to the heart of Texas, a bit distant for early voting to be taking place in the Texas general election (Texas isn’t that big).

As if things haven’t been going badly enough for the Democratic candidate (the latest polling data has her down in the low thirty percentile range), her flailing campaign had now been caught with it’s keyboard in the digital cookie jar.

Ignoring the plagiarized tweet and refusing to respond to the uproar, the barrage of twitter-cism directed at Davis to address this glaring evidence somehow soon suspiciously morphed into a growing band of support, as Davis voters from all corners rallied to the beleaguered legislator willing to lay claim to voters, no matter how distant they hail from.

The support was more than digital, as twitter users flowed to the voting booths from all domains

Votes arrived from La-La-Land precincts

The long anticipated “Friends” reunion was finally made possible as the cast regathered to turn in ballots for Wendy

Democratic efforts to capture the illegal alien vote is finally having an impact on elections.  Qapla’, as all good Klingons and other illegal aliens know means “Success!”


Walking Dead for Wendy! (a reliable Democratic base)

Unexpected support from far-away Alaska

Marxists marched

Others gave it the old heave-ho

For a long time, many have believed the “giant sucking sound” was American jobs being lured into Mexico by NAFTA, but it now seems apparent that much of today’s background noise could be due to the sound of the Wendy Davis campaign trapped in a perpetual state of sucking.


In a final, last ditch effort to crater her support down into the twenty percentile range, Davis has invited President Obama down to the Lone Star State to campaign with her, saying she’d be “thrilled” if he “wanted to come to help” drive those final nails.





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