Biden’s Son Discharged from the Navy After Testing Positive for Cocaine

Let us see if this very serious matter gets half the media attention (or staying power) that certain embellished stories about conservatives and their families get.

An unlike ABC, my source is actually a true news source and not a Palin-deranged Alaska blogger (or in this case, a Biden-deranged Delaware blogger).

Via FOX News:

Biden’s son discharged from Navy after reportedly testing positive for cocaine

I am sure the guy is embarrassed and I wish him a true recovery.  If hope for those who are on the wrong path didn’t exist, there would be no reason to do what we do.

Still, it has to be pointed out how the left will not only take joy in private matters concerning conservatives and their families, they’ll embellish details and make stuff up in their mission to destroy a conservative’s record through the politics of personal destruction.

Let this be a lesson to them.



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