CNN Puts Sarah Palin in Their Crosshairs

October 26th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

CNN Drops Digital Crosshairs onto Sarah Palin

A series of shocking background pictures displaying imagery of “crosshairs” over Sarah Palin appeared throughout a recent CNN Newroom segment.  This was a production decision made by CNN and not a random event.

Screenshot of CNN broadcast October 22nd
Sarah Palin in the Crosshairs of CNN

The segment airing on October 22nd, is the same one already receiving a firestorm of attention over Carol Costello’s behavior as the CNN anchor gleefully relished in police audio of Bristol Palin describing to officers a physical and verbal assault that had just been committed against her person.

The 2nd of Five Crosshair Images Used by CNN
Another of Five ‘Crosshair Images’ used by CNN



The enormous screen behind CNN anchor Carol Costello on the Newsroom set is a technical marvel.

It is capable of displaying an infinite variety of background content.


Show runners have at their fingertips options limited only by their imaginations.  They can create the illusion that behind their anchor, are two big screens TV’s separated by three small monitors.


The big screen television on the left has now been replaced by a quadrant of four flat screens separated by white brackets, while on the right side a framed picture now seems to be hanging on the walls of the set.



Here, producers have chosen to embed five distinct live feeds into the Jumbotron for Carol to interview.  A virtual world of imagery options to display to the audience is at their command.


Viewers might believe they are seeing an array of old school blue tube monitors in racks behind Ms. Costello, but it’s just a illusion created with a few clicks of the mouse to set a mood for those watching.

video_screens_animated_01 15 2013


Any section of the colossal displays on the Newsroom set can be ordered to appear exactly as the CNN network producers desire, a virtual world created instantly on demand.




With all of the on-air visual possibilities available to the network executives at CNN, the question must be asked … Why did CNN deliberately choose to broadcast a series of disturbing images placing Sarah Palin, their conservative archrival, behind virtual crosshairs? Five distinct separate images were employed over the course of the segment, each depicting Sarah Palin in the line of CNN’s fire.



Carol Unhappy with the NFL


Nothing viewers see on any mainstream media broadcast is by accident.  It is by design.  Communication outlets have hordes of consultants in place to massage every sound and image released to the vast multitude of their viewing audience.


2014-09-10_ISIS_Black_CrosshairThis screenshot of an ISIS terrorist in CNN’s graphic crosshairs tells the audience that ISIS is a threat, and must be depicted as such visually to reinforce the grave danger ISIS represents to the viewer.






Perhaps in the mindset of CNN network executives, Palin is the equivalent of an ISIS terrorist.  CNN believes that she is a threat, and threats must be targeted.

The imagery broadcast is no accident.  It appears that way by design, with intent.

Those black crossed lines appear over images of Sarah Palin because someone at CNN made the conscious decision to put them there.



CNN was one of the mainstream media outlets that attempted to lay blame on Palin for the tragic 2011 shooting in Tucson that took six lives and severely injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  A CNN reporter actually claiming that Palin “allowed” these types of shootings to occur by including Arizona’s 8th district among the 20 different congressional races across the nation that SarahPAC was targeting.  CNN even questioning whether deranged shooter Jared Loughner was a Palin “fan”.  All over an innocuous map of the United States with a bit of graphic symbolism depicting contests where the PAC was concentrating it’s efforts.  Giffords was one of twenty listed, there were no pictures of any of the candidates, and certainly nothing depicting crosshair imagery laid over their faces, unlike CNN which seems to have no problem broadcasting subliminal suggestions of violence over their satellites.

Watching through the endless CNN news video’s available, it was difficult to find instances where Newsroom producers placed crosshair imagery over larger pictures.  In most segments where the “four rectangles” were digitally created, a separate image or video would be placed into each of the quadrants.  Only in cases where the report had negative connotations did I find Costello using the “crosshair” effect.

The overall use of subliminal imagery to influence viewers is a large wide topic, but most would agree that imagery suggesting violence is dangerous behavior that should not be tolerated.  Especially when that messaging is coming from a national media outlet piped into the homes of most Americans.

Show runners could have broadcast any of an infinite variety of on-air effect or images that their hearts desired.  What their hearts desired was to depict Sarah Palin within their sights.

full video of Costello’s Newshour segment:


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