• Exclusive Photo’s From Chuck Jr •

Our good friend, the ‘Gentleman from Virginia’ received an email from Chuck Heath Jr. including new photo’s taken at the recent birthday celebration for Sally Heath and Jean Tennant.

VG, you and the Boss don’t owe me a thing! You have been a tireless warrior
for the greater cause. My little bit of help is nothing to all you do.

Here are a few pictures from last night’s birthday party at Sarah’s house
that haven’t been seen publicly. Sarah posted the other ones on her
Facebook page earlier today.

The first image shows Mom and my mother-in-law, Jean Tennant, holding
Sophia. Sophie made them wax-papered stained glass pictures with autumn
leaves in them.

The second picture shows Sarah, Abby, Mom, Jean, and my niece Ocean.

The third is self-explanatory.

Feel free to share them.

Have a good night!

Sophie Birthday Cards for Grandma’s Jean and Sally  (photo by Chuck Heath Jr.)
Sarah, Abby, Sally, Jean, and Ocean (photo by Chuck Heath Jr.)
Time for Presents  (photo by Chuck Heath Jr.)
Time for Presents (photo by Chuck Heath Jr.)


Thank You so much to Virginia Gentleman for forwarding these terrific pics!

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