Governor Palin to GOP Establishment: ‘Get With It’

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She links to a great piece at Breitbart that asks “Where is the Republican Party” with regard to Maryland’s Republican U.S. Congressional candidate, Dan Bongino:

Dan Bongino is the ideal candidate for Congress.

Bongino has the pedigree as a former Secret Service agent that provides an automatic stamp of approval from everyone who learns this one fact about him.

He has built-in name identification through his regular guest radio hosting gigs on both Washington, D.C. local and nationally syndicated radio shows, as well as a best-selling book Inside the Bubble that puts him on the credibility map.

Bongino even has demonstrated expertise in social media with more than 21,000 personal followers on twitter.

Young, smart, handsome, savvy, and quick with a sharp sound bite, Dan Bongino is everything the Republican Party purports to look for in a candidate, yet the National Republican Congressional Committee has not lifted a finger to support his election effort. As of this writing, they haven’t even called him.


Our nation is at a crossroads, and America needs Members of Congress like Dan Bongino. With November 4th a mere two weeks away, it is time for conservatives across the nation to go all-in and use their networks to replace the indifferent Republican Party efforts to turn out the vote. Whether you live in the D.C. area, Utah or Florida, your vote and that of your family, friends and neighbors matter. Find the best candidate who will stand up for America and spend at least one weekend along with election day helping that candidate win.

It is now up to you. You can sit at home and complain, or you can take a stand. With our nation adrift, failure is simply not an option.

Read the entire piece here.

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