Joni Ernst Closing Out Iowa Whole Hog

October 23rd, 2014 • iizthatiiz

The ‘Joni For Iowa‘ campaign has released it’s final television spot prior to the November general election.  Entitled “Lot”, the advert speaks toward a lot of wasteful D.C. spending by a lot of politicians.  “Cleaning up the mess” is “gonna take a whole lot of Iowa common sense”, Ernst implores Hawkeye voters.

It’s a mess .. dirty .. noisy, and it stinks.  I’m talking about Washington.  Too many typical politicians hogging, wasting, and full of .. let’s just say, bad ideas.  It’s time to stop spending money we don’t have and balance the budget.  Cleaning up the mess in Washington is gonna take a whole lot of Iowa common sense … Let’s do it together.


Republicans reach milestone in early voting in Iowa

The Des Moines Register reports that Republicans have earned more early votes for the first time in Iowa election history.  At this point in the Iowa electon cycle in 2012, registered Democrats had cast 57,000 more ballots than registered Republicans.  As of today, GOP affiliated voters have cast several hundred more early votes than registered Democrats.  It is the first time ever that the GOP has taken the lead in Iowa early voting.

With Ernst demonstrating a lead in all polls conducted since the beginning of October, this all bodes extremely favorably for Joni’s prospects in the general .. handing Democrats an unexpected loss for 2014.

#Squeal Indeed

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