Mark Levin • Sarah Palin and Family Take Unrelenting Abuse [ plus Laura Ingraham ]

October 24th, 2014

There’s a reason they call him “The Great One”.  Conservative talk host Mark Levin tore into biased media coverage of the assault on the Palin family.

“The conservative woman who takes unrelenting abuse is Sarah Palin. And as a result so does her family. So do her children.”

“How much longer are we gonna put up with this. It’s not a question of people disagreeing with her, or disliking her. This is abuse. Absolute flatout abuse from these phonies and frauds on the left who pretend that they’re looking out for women and protetecting women.”

Levin zeroed in on CNN anchor Carol Costello for a particularly insensitive broadcast as a giddy Costello invited the audience to “enjoy” audio of Bristol Palin describing the assault to police officers.

The full 13 minutes of Levin’s “assault” on the media hypocrites:

In another report, Laura Ingraham joined a disinterested Bill O’Reilly for a segment to discuss Costello’s inappropriate on-air behavior.  “It reveals a lot more about CNN and the anchor than it does the Palin’s” said Ingraham.



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