Put a Sock in it, Dick: Updated (Another Media Whoopsie)

As you all know, Dick Morris is known for making stunningly accurate calls.

Just before the general election of 2012, he called the race for Mitt Romney predicting a electoral count of 325-213 in favor of the former Massachusetts Governor:

Unfortunately for Dick, this prediction (along with others) was just a little off.

Well, the infamous shotcaller is back again, this time to throw water on the potential of a Palin presidential run claiming that she’s not needed anymore now that the we have Joni Ernst who he says is smarter.

Morris would be hard pressed to find a Palin who supporter who disagrees with the fact that Joni Ernst is very bright.  In fact, she was so smart that her campaign called Governor Palin for her support and endorsement back before Ernst was known to the nation (and to Dick Morris).

That fact coupled with Dick’s past predictions sort of lays anything he has to say about any conservative candidate to rest, doesn’t it?

After all, did Joni Ernst’s campaign call Dick Morris for help?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Apparently Newsmax is still using him even though the entire conservative base (along with the bosses at FOX) want him to finally put a sock in it for once and for all.

***Updated by Steve***

The wise guys at Newsmax flubbed up.  If you notice the video that accompanies the article on their website, they play a small segment of Governor Palin giving an interview to Greta.  Note the video date of “October 27th, 2014.”

Unfortunately for the sloppy wise guys, this particular interview was given back in March before the CPAC convention:

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