Rob Maness • 4000 U.S. Troops at Risk of Ebola • [ full interview with Mark Levin ]

October 15th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

U.S. Troops Prepare to Deploy in West Africa (photo courtesy of The Baltimore Sun)
U.S. Troops Prepare to Deploy in West Africa (photo Baltimore Sun)

 Col. Rob Maness declared the Obama administration’s use of 4000 military personnel in West Africa to combat the Ebola virus to be “a gross misuse of resources and unnecessary risk of the lives of those troops”.

(photo courtesy of The Baltimore Sun)

Maness further warned that “they’re gonna be in hot zones, and we’re gonna lose some”.

(image courtesy of EuroNews)

The candidate for the U.S. Senate from Louisiana spoke with conservative talk host Mark Levin. The former Air Force vet also placed responsibility for the nation’s failure to manage the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus on American soil with the Center for Disease Control,  “The CDC has got to figure this out” he said, stating that they need to “get their arms wrapped around this infection very quickly or they’ll never get ahead of it.”

Maness placed pressure on his opponents for the Louisiana Senate seat to hold President Obama accountable for the use of military personnel in Africa and the Middle East.  “They should be in Washington, demanding a special session of congress to debate that issue”.  His opponents for the LA seat, Bill Cassidy and Mary Landrieu are both current office holders on Capitol Hill.  Congress has yet to approve any of the current military actions by the Obama White House.

He went on to criticize the administration’s muddled Middle East approach, “We don’t need to be fighting undeclared wars without a strategy, without any objectives, without a definition of what success is, and without an exit strategy”.

“All we’re doing over there is plinking away at individual targets and it’s having zero effect” the Colonel added.  “We’re losing a war that we haven’t even decided to enter yet.”

 full interview:

 Maness (R)  will be facing Mary Landrieu (D) and Bill Cassidy (R) in a closely contested race for the 2014 Louisiana Senate seat on November 4th.

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