Wendy Davis Fails to Gain Traction in Texas Campaign

Via the Wall Street Journal:

AUSTIN, Texas—Despite raising millions of dollars and attracting international media attention, Democrat Wendy Davis is struggling to make her campaign for Texas governor competitive.

Democrats had high hopes that the state senator, who became an overnight sensation among liberals last year with a marathon filibuster of an abortion bill, could turn the tide in Texas, where the party hasn’t won a statewide race in two decades. But Ms. Davis has failed to garner traction against Republican Greg Abbott, the state attorney general, damping Democrats’ hopes of loosening the GOP’s dominance in the state.

A poll released Wednesday by the Texas Lyceum, a nonpartisan public-policy group, showed Ms. Davis nine percentage points behind Mr. Abbott. The Rasmussen Reports, meanwhile, released a poll Friday showing Mr. Abbott 11 points ahead.

Ms. Davis, a 51-year-old who rose from teenage parenthood to attend Harvard Law School, faces a “Mount Everest” climb in the final month of her campaign, said Jim Riddlesperger, a political-science professor at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. She not only has to win over swing voters, he said, but also ensure that her supporters are inspired enough to head to the polls. That is a particular challenge given that Mr. Abbott has run a low-key campaign and avoided the sorts of gaffes that can inspire fevered opposition.

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This broke literally hours after Twitchy reported Daily Kos predicting a statewide win for the infamous Texas liberal.


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