Election Night 2014; Update: Kentucky called for McConnell; Update: Joni Ernst Wins IA Senate Bid; Update: Tillis defeats Kay Hagan


The day has finally come.  Stay tuned to this thread throughout the day and evening for election news and results.

Update by Doug (4:27 PM)  Bloomberg has a good hour by hour guide to tonight’s election. Follow the link to see when the polls close in most of the key states.

Update by Doug (6:13 PM) Be sure to check out Michael Barone’s guide to election night 2014, too


U.S. Senate 2014

Update by Doug (7:16 PM) Mitch McConnell was projected the winner in Kentucky the moment the polls closed.  This, combined with the fact the Virginia senate race is still too close to call, may portend a big GOP night. McConnell had been leading Grimes, but it was supposed to be a close race.  Virginia, on the other hand, was supposed to be an easy win for Democrat incumbent Mark Warner. Warner may yet win re-election, but the fact that it can’t be called yet and McConnell’s race can, implies that the GOP in both races is outperforming pre-election expectations.  That’s a good sign.  Stay tuned.

Update by Steve Tim Scott has secured his Senate seat and for West Virginia, Republicans picked up their first Senate seat with Capito winning.

Update by Steve Thad Cochran, Jeff Sessions, James Inhofe, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, and James Lankford have won.

Update by Steve FOX News has just called Arkansas for Cotton who has defeated Pryor.  This makes the GOP’s pickup so far a net 2 seats.

Update by IIz:  GOP pick-up as Mike Rounds wins South Dakota senate seat

Update by Steve: FOX News has called it for Ben Sasse in Nebraska.

Update by IIz: Fox News is calling New Hampshire for Jeanne Shaheen, and that Bill Cassidy (R) will face Mary Landrieu (D) in a Louisiana run-off in December.

Update by Steve: Cory Gardner has beaten Democrat Mark Udall in Colorado as projected by FOX making the GOP pickup total +4.

Update by Doug (10:08 PM) Make that GOP + 5.  Fox is also calling Montana for the GOP.

Update by Mary Beth (10:40 PM) Drudge is now reporting that Joni Ernst has won in her bid versus Bruce Bailey, I mean Braley.

Update by Mary Beth (10:47 PM)  Via Hot Air and Drudge and now Fox News, Senator Pat Roberts will hold on to defeat wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing “independent” Greg Orman.

Update by Doug (11:29 PM) Fox has called North Carolina for Thom Tillis. It’s now GOP + 7 now with Louisiana heading to a runoff and Alaska still to be determined. Ed Gillespie still has a shot in Virginia, too, albeit a long shot.


U.S. House – 2014

Update by Steve:  As Governor Palin just posted, Barry Loudermilk is on his way to D.C.

Update by IIzDave Brat will represent the Virginia 7th in the House

Update by Steve: As Governor Palin just posted, Elise Stefanik became the youngest female in Congress.

Update by IIz: with 100% reporting, Zach Dasher got edged out in the LA 5th by .77% …. with 99% reporting, Mia Love has a 3,300 vote lead in the Utah 4th

Update by IIz – more House seats flip GOP ..

Lee Zeldin upset six-term incumbent Democratic Rep. Timothy Bishop in the 1st Congressional District seat on eastern Long Island

Georgia Republican Rick Allen over four-term Democratic incumbent Rep. John Barrow in the Georgia 12th

Republican Evan Jenkins has ended West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall’s four-decade reign in the 3rd district

Guinta and Shea-Porter have exchanged New Hampshire’s 1st District seat for the third time!  Doesn’t anyone else ever run there??



Governors’ Races – 2014

Update by Steve:  Nikki Haley of South Carolina and John Kasich have won their reelections.

Update by Steve: FOX News has called it for Pete Ricketts in Nebraska.

Update by Steve: As Governor Palin tweeted, Greg Abbott has won the Texas Governor’s race.

Update by Steve: FOX News just called it for Scott Walker who has won reelection.

Update by Steve: AP/Politico is calling Florida Governor race for Republican Rick Scott who has defeated Democrat Charlie Crist.

Update by Mary Beth (10:49 PM): Fox News has called the Arizona Governor’s race for Doug Ducey.

Update by Doug (11:02 PM) Fox News has called the Georgia governor’s race for GOP incumbent Nathan Deal. He defeated Jimmy Carter’s grandson.

Update by Doug (11:34 PM) Fox calls Illinois for Bruce Rauner.



Other “Palin Pick” Races – 2014


Other Elections and Propositions – 2014

Update by IIz: Sandra Fluke got crushed by a 2-1 margin (to a fellow Dem) in a race for a CA State Senate seat.  Over 2 million was spent for this local state seat.



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