Greta: Socially Acceptable for Louis C.K. to Attack Palin, But Not ISIS

Governor Palin shared the following by on her Twitter page:

She linked to a piece by Greta who says the following:

This is messed up.

Yes, I know….I got lots of criticism because I boycotted the RTCA media dinner that had hired Louis C.K. for the headliner.  I did not feel like sitting in a room as a captive audience for a man who made the most vicious and crude remarks (expletive rant) about 3-year-old Trig Palin who has Down Syndrome and a woman, his mother, Governor Sarah Palin.  How do you pick on a disabled child?  and the mother, for having a disabled child?  Trig can’t even fight back!

The RTCA Board was so mad at me for my statement (that I was not going because of the headliner and his very ugly comments about a disabled child) that one Board Member called me telling me to take my statement back.  I did not.

The Board Member told me that he thought Louis C.K.’s comments were meant to be funny. I can enjoy a good joke — but picking on a disabled child and his mother in the most crude fashion? That was terrible. And I was disappointed that no woman in the media – or mother in the media – backed me up on that.  I sort of expected others to speak out.  An adult ridiculing a disabled child is not a close question.

Louis C.K. later withdrew from headlining the RTCA event and I thought better of him for that.  This was not the right forum for him.  (I didn’t go to the dinner even after he withdrew.  I moved on.)

But now I read that Louis C.K. ‘let loose’ with an expletive rant about ISIS (just as he had ‘let loose’ with an expletive rant towards a mother and child with Down Syndrome) and suddenly his Twitter account is taken down.  Really?  (CLICK HERE for more info)

So let me get this straight — it is socially acceptable among some to let loose on an innocent disabled child who can’t fight back with the most vile language but not ISIS who beheads?

This is messed up.

Note that I didn’t see what Louis C.K. tweeted about ISIS but chances are that I am Team Louis C.K. – maybe not the words, but the sentiment – on this one.

PS: He still owes the Palins an apology.  If you google this incident, you will be stunned at what Louis C.K. said.

Check out Greta’s remarks here.

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