Grubered Obama Voters Fall For Phony Palin Story

As Governor Palin explained in her latest video on the Sarah Palin Channel, Americans got “Grubered” by the Obama administration over ObamaCare.

In another video where she discussed the president’s latest executive amnesty order, she said that even though the error of Obama is coming to a close, we have to do something about his supporters who came pre-Grubered for his electoral pleasure helping him to not only get elected once, but twice.

Of course the irony in all of this is that those same Americans who voted for him twice have been the same ones attacking Governor Palin’s record and making things up about her to feed into a media narrative created by a few Obama lapdogs — even attacking her over predictions she made that turned out to be true after all was said and done.

And now for the latest.  Yet another “satire” website has written an outrageous piece that makes another outrageous claim about Governor Palin.  And of course, Obama’s loyally-Grubered ilk were all over it on Twitter falling for the phony story ultimately making ridiculous fools of themselves.

The truth is these satirical websites aren’t funny.  They feed into and create the minds of Democrat voters.  It’s dangerous to our democracy to have such ignorant people being part of a crowd that decides national elections.

That’s why I am grateful to people like Michelle Malkin and websites like Twitchy who can get this info out quickly and to a lot of people.  The grubered ones deserve the shame they get as a result.

Read the following via Twitchy: Who’s the real ‘dingbat’? Epic fail in progress as morons on Twitter fall for fake Sarah Palin story on immigration


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