Politico: Clintons Fail to Save Dems in Most Races

Via Politico:

Bill and Hillary Clinton were the most sought-after surrogates on the campaign trail this cycle – criss-crossing the country to stump for Democrats in places where President Barack Obama couldn’t.

They flew into red states to stump for vulnerable Democrats, aided candidates from their home states and campaigned for family friends, former aides and other longtime confidants. Their itineraries included several stops in the politically significant states of Iowa and New Hampshire for Democrats in competitive Senate and House races.

List of Clinton Wins and Losses:


—Bruce Braley (Iowa): Loss

—Sen. Dick Durbin (Illinois): Win

—Sen. Al Franken (Minnesota): Win

—Alison Lundergan Grimes (Kentucky): Loss

—Sen. Kay Hagan (North Carolina): Loss

—Sen. Mary Landrieu (Louisiana): Advances to runoff

—Michelle Nunn (Georgia): Loss

—Gary Peters (Michigan): Win

—Sen. Mark Pryor (Arkansas): Loss

—Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire): Win

—Sen. Mark Udall (Colorado): Loss


—Anthony Brown (Maryland): Loss

—Mary Burke (Wisconsin): Loss

—Martha Coakley (Massachusetts): Loss

—Charlie Crist (Florida): Loss

—Gov. Andrew Cuomo (New York): Win

—Wendy Davis (Texas): Loss

Gov. Mark Dayton (Minnesota): Win

Fred DuVal (Arizona): Loss

—Gov. Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire): Win

—Gov. John Hickenlooper (Colorado): No call

—Gov. Dannel Malloy (Connecticut): No call

—Mike Michaud (Maine): Loss

—Pat Quinn (Illinois): Loss

—Gina Raimondo (Rhode Island): Win

—Mike Ross (Arkansas): Loss

—Mark Schauer (Michigan): Loss

Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania): Win

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