Scott Rasmussen | Election 2014 in Context

Political pundits often miss the forest for the trees, and it’s amazing how things look when you pause for a moment to look at the broader context of the 2014 midterm elections. The short-term discussion among political junkies is all about whether Republicans can win control of the Senate and just how many seats they will win.

Almost everyone involved sees it as a close and competitive election.

However, take a step back and it’s easy to discern the message from American voters.

Whatever happens next Tuesday, President Obama’s time in office will have cost his party more seats in Congress than any president in at least half a century.

The numbers are stark. President Obama took office after the 2008 elections with 257 Democrats in the House of Representatives. At the moment, there are only 199 members of his party left — a net loss of 58 seats. And, virtually all analysts expect the number of Democrats to decline even more next Tuesday. The only question is by how much.

To put that number in perspective, the 58 seats already lost by the current president even tops the 46 lost by Richard Nixon amidst the Watergate scandal.


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