Smug GOP Establishment Not Quite the Grown Ups They Claim to Be

And here we go, more nonsensical rhetoric from the alleged smart guys in the GOP.

While the Tea Party has displayed willingness to work with the GOP Establishment to unseat Harry Reid from the Senate’s leadership, some GOPe anonymous sources (and some not-so-anonymous) have provided a lot of “insight” in this new article by Politico.  They apparently are less interested in taking out Democrats than they are in marginalizing the Tea Party.

Of course their conclusion is that the Tea Party puts forth losing candidates and hopefully the GOP has learned its lesson before our next election in 2016

I guess they were all absent for the 2012 election, where their golden boy rejected the Tea Party and, oh yeah, lost to the worst president ever.

The story begins with a photo of Pat Roberts, Mitch McConnell, and Thad Cochran stating that all three had won their primaries against Tea Party challengers.

However, none of them can explain why Roberts had to call Governor Palin, Ted Cruz, and others out to Kansas to help give him a fighting chance against an “independent” newbie who began to surge after the Democrat backed out.

They also cannot explain why the Barbours in Mississippi had to use some pretty gross race-baiting tactics to get Democrats out to vote in a Republican primary against Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party’s candidate.

Lastly, they also cannot explain just how much money the establishment wound up spending in saving these establishment candidates.

Sitting establishment Republican, John Cornyn said:

“Where we ran into problems was where that small sliver of the party insisted on nominating people who could win the primary but couldn’t win the general,” Cornyn said of the past two election cycles. Of the party’s successful 2014 course-correction, Cornyn said: “I promise you it’s a lesson we will not forget.”

What he cannot explain though is why the establishment failed us in 2012’s presidential election while the three new GOP Senators put into their seats in the same year (Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, and Deb Fischer) were all endorsed by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

American Crossroads’ President, Steven Law said:

“I think simply stating as a matter of policy that candidate quality should matter seemed to have an impact on the overall Republican culture this cycle,” Law said. “What I saw this cycle is a greater seriousness and a greater attention to the quality and viability of candidates and not simply looking for one who fits an ideological mold.”

Of course, the “expert” cannot explain what “candidate quality” means.  Did Mitt Romney qualify?  (Sorry to keep bringing it up, but it matters.)

And of course, who needs candidates who truly represent the people that vote for them or live up to their campaign promises?

Folks, the GOP establishment cannot explain too much as I’ve just displayed.  They borrow talking points from the left when they know they’re about to embark on actually being held accountable.

Quite possibly after tomorrow’s elections, the GOP will hold a majority in D.C, something they haven’t done since 2007.  While President Obama won’t be able to hide behind Harry Reid, the GOP establishment can no longer use him as a crutch.

That’s not good news for squishy establishment types who’ll be under the microscope of activists and grassroots leaders like Governor Palin who just yesterday showed her willingness to take establishment-buffoonery to task.

That’s what this Politico article is all about.  They know the Tea Party is watching and they know they’re going to be held accountable heading into 2016, which is exactly what the establishment is thinking about:

One well-connected Republican strategist warned: “If we get a nominee like Ted Cruz, we’ll have a Todd Akin-level disaster on an even bigger stage.”

Todd Akin was a GOP establishment candidate who was in Congress years before the Tea Party was around.  Also, the Tea Party backed Sarah Steelman and John Brunner in that primary.

Additionally, it goes without saying that the candidates who seem to have done the best in these races like Joni Ernst in Iowa and Ben Sasse in Nebraska were candidates supported by people like Governor Palin and the Tea Party proving the value of grassroots energy.  It also goes without saying that Eric Cantor’s defeat was proof that with the right organization, the Tea Party has a lot left to do whether the establishment likes it or not.

After Wednesday, we’ll begin holding D.C. accountable once again and we’ll use the past to accurately plan for the future.  And as always, as Governor Palin once mentioned, we’ll delight when they underestimate us.

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