Bristol Palin: Look What My Mom Got! [ updated++ ]

December 7th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

Bristol shared a few additional glimpses into Governor Palin’s ongoing hunting trip down in Texas on her Patheos blog today:

(image courtesy of Bristol Palin)

So my mom literally jumps off a snowmachine while we’re all in the new powder in our backyard the other night, she hops on a flight to Texas for season 2 of her Sportsman Channel show, “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.”  

First thing off the plane, she bags a big fat wild Texan hog! I love what she gets to do to show you how amazing America really is! She’s out hunting by again today with a superstar, and I’ll let you know if she’s successful.

Knowing the rock star she’s hanging with today, she won’t get skunked. 

Come home soon, mom… we can’t wait for your next barbecue in the shop! (via

(image courtesy of Bristol Palin)

Anyone care to guess the identity of the famous “rock star” Bristol mentions that is out hunting with the Governor today?  I’d place a small wager that the initials are T.N.

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[UPDATE 6:00pm pst]

As speculated, Sarah and Todd spent the day with Ted and Shemane Nugent

Shemane posted a pic to her Facebook wall:

Ted & I spent the day w/Governor Sarah Palin & her husband Todd, and taught them the great sport of #archery. (image courtesy of Shemane Nugent)


[ update ++ ]

Ted added this photo:

Had a wonderful day with Sarah & Todd Palin at our home on SpiritWild Ranch in TX today. Great Americans, great people, great patriots & great warriors on the side of good in this vile culture war against the America haters & subfleebs on the mongrel left. I presented the good Governor Palin with a phenomenal custom blackpowder rifle created by our Spirit BloodBrothers the LaCasse family at the Gun Room in Portland OR (image courtesy Ted Nugent)


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