Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis Responds to ‘Credulous’ Conservatives

People who question their party’s old tactics are “credulous” and only some people are allowed to respond to criticism? That’s the impression you’re left with after reading this article at the Daily Caller by Matt Lewis. It’s obviously meant to incite more of the same reaction he’s supposed to be responding to (the reader comments speak for themselves).

He complains about conservatives on Twitter who defended Ted Cruz and Mike Lee against RINOs who once again decided to use last week’s omnibus spending debacle to support the status quo and trash conservatives who believe in standing up for the majority of Americans on matters like ObamaCare and Obama’s executive amnesty – the same Americans who voted for them one month ago.

Let’s begin by being honest about the RINOs. Some of them are supposed to be considering a presidential run. They couldn’t care less about legalizing millions of illegals. It helps their big business buddies and rewards massive campaign contributors/bundlers with cheap labor.

Aside from the obvious crony capitalism, it also rewards lawbreakers, it repeats a mistake made in the 1980’s and still doesn’t secure our borders. None of that matters though to establishment Republicans who want the convenience of paying back favors to some nor does it matter to Democrats who ideologically believe that we are a welfare state to the rest of the world.

In response to his article, tweets like this were sent in his support (and of course re-tweeted by Lewis himself).


That’s true. It’s why most of America is angry at the politicians in D.C. It’s why they tweet those feelings to opinion writers like Matt Lewis. Do people like this truly believe that all politicians are to be held accountable? If so, why is the emphasis placed on conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee? Also, wouldn’t this same rule apply to opinion writers like Matt Lewis who uses his forum to respond to Twitter criticism that obviously hit a nerve?

If you’ve been a supporter of Governor Palin’s for a while now, you’re completely aware of the negative tweets she receives from haters. It happens. Yet, in regard to the pieces she writes on Facebook, the dozens of informative op-eds she’s written for places like FOX News, Breitbart, and others, she never uses them as vehicles to attack people who lash out at her on Twitter. She uses them to enhance productive discussion by giving a voice to the majority of Americans who feel cut off by a ruling class.

The majority of Lewis’s piece seeks to discredit Ted Cruz and Mike Lee by comparing both to Governor Palin. It further seeks to discredit Governor Palin by comparing her to Christine O’Donnell. The entire article rests on narratives built solely by the Republican establishment to falsely depict constitutional conservatives as unreasonable. According to the article, if you criticize Palin, Cruz, or Lee you are being “constructive.” If you criticize Boehner and the Republicans who sell us out, you’re being “credulous.”

Somehow though, the RINO-talking heads will never explain the possibilities of what could be accomplished if the entire party actually got behind Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Mike Lee. Instead, they run around like Chicken Little screaming about the sky falling as they did the last time this occurred. And even though most of the lamestream media bitterly clung to the idea of last year’s temporary government shutdown being the fault of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, the November elections of 2014 did not in any way make manifest the dire warnings we received from those in the establishment back then.

In fact, it was true fighters like Governor Palin who called for Obama’s impeachment, like Ted Cruz who stood for America in an effort to #MakeDCListen, and others responsible for providing that stark contrast of ideology that gets good candidates like Joni Ernst to run for the U.S. Senate as unabashed conservatives and flip seats by winning them with comfortable margins.

While pundits like Lewis cry foul, it’s Governor Palin that was called by the Pat Roberts campaign in late September this year when he was behind an independent by double digits in projection polls. Cruz also went out and supported Roberts as well. And when the voters came out on Election Day, Roberts won that race by more than ten points just a couple weeks after the incumbent Senator from Kansas promised Governor Palin: “we’re going to follow you.” Now, we expect these politicians to govern as they campaigned.  That’s “credulous?”  Really?

Interestingly enough, Pat Roberts didn’t ask The Daily Caller or Matt Lewis for such help. Exploring the reason why might be found in a piece from Lewis I’d actually enjoy, assuming he’d be honest.

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out weeks ago, you can’t get rid of the Tea Party because it’s not tied to big money. Instead of seeking to make excuses for D.C. and its tactics, the Tea Party holds them accountable. Instead of being created by one person or a panel of “experts” who want to dictate the movement’s direction, it’s “organic” and follows a blueprint laid out by our nation’s founders.

Accordingly, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee are serving the people and their accompanying values. The politicians in D.C. who will indeed face the wrath of America (as Governor Palin promised) have ignored us one too many times.

So predictably we’ll continue to witness the irony of opinion writers (who claim that we’re the ones who are sensitive to their “constructive criticism”) play out when they themselves use their platforms to hysterically respond to a few adverse opinions from Americans who are fed up with their games.

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