Governor Palin Makes Gallup’s ‘Most Admired’ List for Seventh Consecutive Year

How liberal does a poll have to be where the majority of Republicans (or Republican-leaning) respondents pick Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as their “most admired” man and woman of 2014?

And how exceptional do conservatives have to be to make the cut at all?

I am talking about Gallup’s annual “most admired” list.  Not only is it interesting to note that Governor Palin has made the cut this year, but it’s fascinating when you consider that most of the candidates being considered for president on the GOP side including people like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, or others aren’t shown on the list at all.

Further, the Democrats’ new up-and-coming rock star, Elizabeth Warren made it to the list but didn’t do as well as Governor Palin did.

Here is a list of past year compilations showing that Governor Palin has been on the list every year since 2008. (h/t Whitney Pitcher)

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