Mark Whittington: [Lapdog] Media Doesn’t Get Governor Palin’s Joke

If you haven’t noticed, a few radical leftwing websites responded to Governor Palin’s Facebook Post where she shared a pretty effective image that said so much.



Most of the lame[stream] articles out there make some pretty ridiculous claims including the preposterous allegation that Governor Palin is “race bating.” (I won’t link to it, you can find it yourself if you really care.)  What’s hilarious is that such individuals would say such things in a world that includes President Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton (who’s been to the White House almost as many times as President Obama has visited the golf course).

Additionally, it’s interesting how so many of them have declared Governor Palin irrelevant in the past only to point out in these recent attacks about her millions upon millions of Facebook/Twitter followers and how she had caused the image to go viral.

As the hysteria poured in, Mark Whittington of The Examiner weighed in:

As with everything she says and does, Palin’s little jab has caused outrage and consternation.


Palin was poking fun at the administration’s use of language that would have shocked George Orwell were he still alive. “Overseas contingency operations” has been substituted for “war.” “Undocumented workers” is used instead of “illegal aliens.” In that context “undocumented shopper” would not be too far-fetched.

Palin can be faulted for making a joke that seems to go past the heads of some in what she so adroitly called the “lamestream media.” Her admirers, well versed in the many atrocities that the Obama administration has committed, got the joke OK. But unlike Katie Couric, whose 2008 ambush interview started the false narrative of Palin as a psycho bimbo, Palin and people like her know the meaning of words.

For his Katie Couric reference, click here.

For his entire piece which is worth a read, click here.


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