The Obamas, the Palins, and the Working Class

News broke this week that President Obama was mistaken for a parking valet before he became president.

How Dare you

How very dare you!?

Michelle Obama complained that someone at Target asked her to grab something off the shelf for them while she was incognito.

Girl Please

Girl, please!

A couple years back, Barbara Boxer was insulted when a military leader referred to her as “ma’am” instead of “Senator.”

Liberals and their obsessions with labels and titles would have you believe that these random acts are signs of things wrong with society. You’re either racist or somehow sexist when things like this occur. What’s their problem with the middle class and working Americans and when did America become the country whose “leaders” were offended by being compared to the very people they’re supposed to be serving while in office?

This is especially absurd when you consider Governor Palin who has used her platform over the last six years to display pride for America’s working class by showcasing them and even jumping into help.

On her TLC show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, she got her hands dirty more than once:

As described in this writeup by Jedidiah Bila:

When I first heard about Sarah Palin’s eight-week documentary series on TLC, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” I thought, “Perfect. I finally get to see Alaska.” But I had no idea how much of a glimpse I’d get into a landscape and lifestyle so different from the one I see and live each day. Or how inspired I’d be by it all.


I often speak and write about the founding American values I cherish – personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, and self-reliance. But seeing those values brought to life each week by a regular American family makes them so much more real and tangible. It reminds me what’s worth fighting for.

On campaign trail stops, she selflessly “serves” bbq, pancakes, and cuisine in Louisiana.

BBQ SteelmanBBQ BenacquistoLouisiana

Palin Kansas


On her current Sportsman’s Channel series, Amazing America with Sarah Palin, she highlights great Americans who turn the cranks behind the scenes to make society work. Such individuals do their work with pride without the obsession for titles. Again, she’s happy to jump right in and get her hands dirty.

Amazing America Season 2

It’s strange how the alleged champions of the middle class on the left seem to hold contempt for the jobs these people hold. They’d never in a million years want someone to believe they could park cars for Americans or grab a bottle of detergent off the shelf to help someone else. And if they do, it’s because of something negative.

Governor Palin on the other hand, as a true leader, refuses to obsess about one title or another. She’s successfully held many of those. Most importantly, she understands those ordinary Americans out there and consistently places herself out there as one of them.

If someone had asked Governor Palin to park their car or grab a bottle of detergent for them off of a shelf at Target, she wouldn’t have whined about it to the press.

With that being said, here’s an amazing video that I’ll never forget about a vet who was in Alaska for a Fox News interview where no official hair and makeup team could be found. And guess who wound up providing not only the studio, but the service, too?

WorkWork 2Work 3

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