Sharpton to Attend White House Meeting Monday

Reports are in (headlined at Drudge) that Al Sharpton is scheduled to attend a civil rights meeting at the White House today.

It’s also reported that Obama now wants to spend $263 Million of tax dollars that we don’t have to provide body cameras for police officers across the country.

President Barack Obama will meet with controversial black pastor and MSNBC host Al Sharpton on Monday at the White House, and plans to issue executive orders putting body-worn cameras in more U.S. police departments in response to the August police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MIssouri.


His administration is considering pushing a new torrent of public messages about the death of a young black man at the hands of a white police officer in August.

While President Obama spoke against riots and violence through words, the night of the grand jury decision in Ferguson Missouri displayed a non-leader who went back to behaving like a community organizer instead of a president that respects our nation’s laws and the process of such.

It does very little to claim to be against riots and violence when you simultaneously seem hellbent on gratifying the rhetoric that’s at least partly to blame for it.

Without delving too much into the details of a case that’s been pounded into our heads over the course of the last few months by an irresonsible president, attorney general, and lapdog media, it is safe to say that any true evidence including forensics, photo, or credible testimony (including that of African Americans) completely destroyed a narrative created by the president, Attorney General Eric Holder, and people like Al Sharpton.

This is a problem once again.  President Obama has a small sector of extremists to cater to and he’s giving the middle finger to Americans who know better.  He’s also doing it through executive order.


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