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Guest Submission by Ory Hebert:bush

Forgive me if this is a bit presumptuous, but I’d like to try and sum up our collective thoughts on the prospect of a Bush 2016 presidential ticket: ‘ugh.’  Now look, I left a blank space in the title because I’m not even sure which Bush is running at this point, and I’m not entirely convinced that they know either.  I’m sure they can approximate like myself.  I’m almost positive it isn’t a George, but I’m out after that.  Jim?  John?

Who can keep track?  The point is that nepotism is not necessarily the quality most endearing to hardworking Americans earning their own way.  And call me unworldly, but I personally don’t relate to someone who can’t throw a rock at Christmas dinner without hitting someone who hasn’t been the Leader of the Free World at least once (or twice).

That’s just me.

The thing that is so off-putting about yet another Bush family-try at the White House isn’t Jan’s and/or Jacob’s spending record as a governor or his or her most recent policy-fails (Pat, I’d like to buy a Common Core) or even his or her profiting off of said policy-fails.  It’s the perception that this political dynasty stands in direct opposition to and in mockery of every ideal that we as Americans expect from our public servants.  And I say “perception” only because I cannot speak the true intentions of a person’s heart, but perception is reality in politics.  The last thing that our country needs is another presidential hopeful just checking off a box or beefing up a résumé.  Politics is not a business, and it sure as hell isn’t a family business.  It is and should be a service.  By the way, this expectation that we hold for our politicians to serve not for ambition’s sake but for purpose is by no means an unreasonable request.  It is a virtue that we should demand of our public servants – not ask.

Is it really so outlandish for us to suggest that maybe perhaps just this once our leader should be one of the 298 million people who aren’t the emergency contacts of any previous president?  Have we strayed so far from the idea of citizen legislators and executives that each election cycle looks more and more like a family reunion?  Elected office and titles of power in this country are not passed on through the bloodstream.

But do you know what is?  Character.  And while I do know that Josie’s (Jed’s?) daddy is George, it ain’t George Washington.  So how about just this once we broaden the scope a tad and look to somewhere other than the offspring and spouses of not-so-great leaders of the recent past.  I know this might sound really radical but maybe, just maybe, there’s one among our filthy peasant rank and file who despite not growing up in the West Wing still might just know how to run it.

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