SOTU Open Thread: Who’s up for $380 billion in new taxes?

It’s that time again. The SOTU begins at 9:00 PM EST. Via PBS, click below to watch it.

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Governor Palin had her own preemptive strike yesterday on the Sarah Palin Channel, “What’s The Real State Of Our Union?”, which many shared for all to view on Twitter:

Be prepared tonight for Obama to once again bore millions of Americans with his perfunctory leftist bromides designed not to inspire or unite, but rather to divide the country for what he perceives as his political benefit. Via the Washington Examiner, Obama will use his seventh SOTU speech to call for tax increases for the seventh year in a row:

As President Obama prepares to deliver tonight’s State of the Union Address, it is a safe bet that he will be comfortable in the delivery. For six years in a row, Obama has used an address to a joint session of Congress to call for tax increases, and based on the early leaks, he intends to make it seven for seven later today.

Obama’s appetite for more of Americans’ hard-earned income may indeed be insatiable, but his demand for more revenue can be mostly written off as part of a cynical Washington game. Obama knows that any tax hike is dead on arrival in the new Republican Congress. From a fiscal perspective, he will have to make do with the two significant tax increases he has already signed into law — the one contained in Obamacare, and the one obtained as part of the midnight deal of the January 2013 fiscal cliff.

Does anyone doubt he’ll make it eight next year? Of course Obama doesn’t call it a tax increase. It’s really a prudent reformation of the tax code he’s thoughtfully devised so that he’ll have access to hundreds of billions of additional dollars with which he can make “investments” on our behalf. How considerate of His Highness. But as Charles Krauthammer notes, Obama’s tax proposal is neither prudent or thoughtful, it’s just more of the same liberal tax and spend dogma that’s hobbled the economy ever since Obama entered the oval office:

Via Katie Pavlich, all the new taxes Obama is proposing total in the neighborhood of $380 billion.  And contrary to Obama’s class warfare calumny, all of us will share in the considerable pain his scheme will inflict:

Obama’s plan totals $380 billion in new taxes and it isn’t just “on the rich” or the “one percent” as the President and officials in his administration claim. The majority of his newly proposed taxes, including more taxes on hard earned retirement plans, are a direct hit on the middle class and his big government spending will saddle all Americans with crushing debt for decades to come.

Lefty simpleton Sally Kohn is imploring the GOP to embrace the colossal tax hike Obama will propose tonight so the middle class will like Republicans more. Whatever. I have to admit I find myself getting misty over Kohn’s touching concern for the political fortunes of the Republican Party.

After Obama’s tiresome demagoguery, we have Joni Ernst’s speech to look forward to. Via the Washington Post’s Ed Rogers, look for our enlightened betters on the left to do whatever they can to discredit her. That’s their modus operandi when it comes to strong, conservative women they fear:

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) has been in the Senate for only a few weeks, and while she has avoided the national spotlight so far, she is about to burst onto the scene via her designation as the Republican who will give the response to the president’s State of the Union address tonight. She hasn’t given her speech yet, but it is a given that the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media will not like what she has to say. And it is my guess that they will not like Ernst either. Predictably, she will quickly be marginalized as a right-winger — or worse — by the usual suspects on the left. But Ernst proved during the 2014 campaign that she is an articulate, thoughtful, capable leader. So why will the Democrats despise her?

Well, by drawing on her uncommon, interesting personal story as an Iowa farmgirl and Army National Guard combat veteran, and relating to her fellow Iowans, Ernst captured one of the most reliably liberal Senate seats in the country — one that had been held by now-retired Democratic senator Tom Harkin for 30 years. While Ernst’s opponent ridiculed Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) for being a farmer, Ernst embraced her roots and produced one of the most memorable, viral campaign ads of the 2014 cycle. Tonight, the “squealing” will begin.

But even more than losing a critical Senate seat, Democrats are frightened by Ernst because she is a woman who has a strong conservative philosophy and message that appeals to a lot of people. Democrats can’t dismiss Ernst as a token, because she didn’t run as one. Everything about her biography and style blunts the Democrats’ usual criticisms of conservative women.

If there’s any “war on women” in America, it’s being waged by the left against any and all women who reject the liberal kool-aid and deign to think for themselves. Despite the inherent disadvantages in delivering a SOTU response speech, look for Ernst to exceed expectations tonight. We’ll feature her speech in a separate post as soon as it becomes available.

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