Eugene Robinson | Damn, Clinton’s wife is awesome

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post:

Would a dearth of competition in the primaries leave Clinton untested and untempered for battle against a Republican opponent who presumably will be in midseason form? I’d like to meet the politician who would rather endure a hard-fought campaign against a dangerous foe than cruise to nomination virtually unopposed. And Clinton, after a life in politics, is nothing if not experienced. She knows how to do this.

A recent Washington Post poll showed Clinton with a commanding advantage over a number of potential Republican opponents. She leads New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie by 53 percent to 40 percent; former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by 54 percent to 41 percent; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul by 54 percent to 41 percent; 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney by 55 percent to 40 percent; and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee by a yawning 56 percent to 39 percent.

Of course, those are just five of the many potential candidates for the GOP nomination. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio seems relevant again, or at least not irrelevant. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is still generating lots of buzz. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a political novice, is actually putting together a campaign. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is asking for another chance, while Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is straining to be heard. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has formed an exploratory committee. And does anybody doubt that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is planning some sort of grand entrance, perhaps via golden chariot?


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