Fox News | Republicans take control of Capitol Hill

After a Republican wave election that boosted the party’s House majority to historic levels and handed them control of the Senate, dozens of new lawmakers are arriving in Washington Tuesday for the 114th Congress — including several fresh political faces poised to make waves.

A total of 71 new members, of both parties, arrive in Washington this week. As the new Congress prepares to tackle weighty issues ranging from immigration to the budget to the Keystone pipeline, these freshmen stand to have a big impact on the legislative debate and direction of their respective parties.

“When the American people voted for Republican majorities in November, they really voted for people who are going to go up there and start working again,” Thom Tillis, the incoming Republican senator from North Carolina, told Fox News. “Start sending legislation to the president’s desk and get the economy back to a sustained recovery versus this limping along that we’ve been doing for the past several years.”

Tillis is one of 13 new senators, all but one of them Republican, being sworn in as the GOP takes a 54-seat majority in the chamber. The lone incoming Democrat is Michigan Rep. Gary Peters.


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