Gov. Palin Calls Out NBC’s Savannah Guthrie over Double Standards

January 8th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

In a note to Breitbart News, Governor Sarah Palin pointed out the double standards of mainstream journalists, specifically pointing toward her own recent experience with  Savannah Guthrie, comparing it to an interview the NBC host held today with Lena Dunham.

During today’s interview, Guthrie performed a complete cover-up of a well-publicized episode where Dunham falsely pointed rape accusations toward an innocent man in her recent memoir, sympathetically asking Dunham her reaction at the “attempt to be discredited.”

01-08-15_Sarah_Palin_Savannah_Guthrie_Double_Standards_255x150This was a stark contrast to the interview Guthrie did with Palin on Tuesday, where she accused Palin of taking a “cheap shot” at Barack Obama over his factually admitted taste for dog meat.





Governor Palin’s Complete Note To Breitbart News:

In contrast, in an interview the day before this Lena Dunham lovefest, Guthrie asked me if I, after enduring days of hate and threats spewed at my family again, took a ‘cheap shot’ at Obama by merely mentioning his admittance to eating dead dog in the plainspoken post I wrote defending my innocent son and his good dog. She was inferring, of course, that my reference to an established fact is beyond the pale, but apparently Lena Dunham’s knowing indictment of a totally innocent man is perfectly respectable.

Read the full write up at Breitbart News.

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