Gov. Palin Responds to PETA in Statement to NBC News

January 5th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Governor Sarah Palin expanded on Saturday’s Facebook response to PETA in an exclusive statement to NBC News.

Sarah Palin
TODAY contributor

Some excerpts from her statement:

No, the double standards applied by hypocrites at PETA make me and every other kid — and dog-lover — say “kiss my okole.” They’re not attacking me because I showed people a special needs child and his happy, healthy, beloved service dog; they’re attacking me because, well, I’m me. So what’s new? PETA throws raw meat in front of their attack dogs and says sic ‘em, and we have a choice in how to react to these kind of haters who’ll keep on hating. We either accept their attacks as stumbling blocks, or see them as stepping stones to make a point about truth.

Jill Hadassah was born and trained to help those with challenges most of us will never understand. We adopted her for our youngest son from an amazing friend in Iowa who runs a foundation that raises and trains dogs for our wounded warriors. These dogs can change a disabled vet’s life, and that’s a beautiful thing! Certainly the Puppy Jake Foundation has changed our life for the better. I am in love with this four-legged family member! So is Trig, and it’s so revealing that the Political Left knows no bounds as they attack him and now even good, selfless supporters and trainers at the Puppy Jake Foundation. I hope the foundation is overwhelmed with support from caring Americans now so that good comes from PETA’s bad acts in this.

P.S. Should Jill Hadassah have not enjoyed Trig’s playing with her, guess it would have reminded us another important lesson – sometimes life jumps up and bites you in the okole, but you don’t stop moving and baby you just Shake It Off (NBC News)

The full statement is available on The Today Show site.

For those curious about the word okole, defines the term as an Hawaiian word for the gluteus maximus region.



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