John Kerry’s Diplomacy Discography

Following the terrorist attack on the French satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo, last week,  many world leaders marched in Paris on Sunday as a gesture of solidarity to support freedom of speech and stand against Islamic extremism. The United States had no high level representation at the event. To make amends,  John Kerry offered an embarrassing attempt at an apology by having singer-songwriter James Taylor serenade the French with his song, “You’ve Got a Friend”:

It makes you wonder what other tunes are in Kerry’s diplomatic playlist. Does he have a mixtape to help in diplomatic discussions with Putin in Russia? Does he have musical scores composed for meetings with China?

Here’s some guesses as to what makes up Kerry’s diplomatic discography.

For those nuclear talks with Iran, “I Come and Stand at Every Door ” by The Byrds:

For those wealth redistribution talks, er, climate change discussions, “Mother Earth” by Neil Young:

For the continued talks of normalized relationships with Cuba, some Desi Arnaz with “Babalu”:

For talks with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or the Palestinian President Abbas, does he play  War’s song “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” in lieu of real discussion:

Of course if musical diplomacy doesn’t work, the State Department could resort to those old standbys–the reset button and hashtag diplomacy. Those approaches always seem to work.

H/T to Michelle McCormick for the inspiration.

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