Mark Vogl: Why Palin Needs to Start a New Party, Updated

Mark Vogl has a thought-provoking piece up this morning.

Via The Nolan Chart:

The answers are crystal clear.

First, the world changed with the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.  The Republican Party immediately embraced the Bush “New World Order” which sees one world government as the goal. The Democrats embraced world socialism – communism and have made great strides in that direction during the Obama Presidency.

But neither of these parties embrace and reflect the needs and goals of the United States. Both parties have rejected the nation’s founding in Christianity, self – rule, and American exceptionalism.


[T]he internal “insiders baseball” of the two parties blocks alternative views like those of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert.


[F]ormer Governor Sarah Palin has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to Christ, and to America, and a willingness to stand alone and take the “arrows of outrageous fortune” in order to pursue and articulate policies which are America First.

Sarah Palin has a national following that is outside the Republican mainstream, closely aligned with the Tea Party, and is united in its disgust of both the liberal Democrats and the RINO Republicans.


Sarah simply can’t win a Republican primary. The insiders are too well organized, supported by the mainstream media in opposition to the Palin – Cruz – Walker – Brewer – Gohmert wing of the Republican Party.


A new political party probably won’t win Sarah the White House, but it would give her a place in history as the American political leader who put country above her own ambitions and set the stage for an American renaissance in the 21st Century.

Governor Palin has many supporters who agree with Vogl.  In order for a true reformer like Governor Palin to get close to the White House, she’d have to do it Third Party.  And as such, she’d be known as the architect of this new party in history books as opposed to being able to gain instant access to the White House through conventional methods.  I would simply remind folks that she’s defied tradition and convention in the past many times.

I still think she is a Republican who has the best hope for her party.  It’s possible to keep fighting as we the people seem to get a little bit closer every election cycle.  While it was repugnant watching what the establishment did in 2012 and even more so in 2014 in places like Mississippi, the influence of the grassroots forced these folks to reveal who they are.  Their time is running out.


Our friend, Ron DeVito wrote a nice post recently in response to a thought provoking (and well-received) article posted to American Thinker by M. Joseph Sheppard.

Sheppard’s article certainly succeeded at tapping into the anti-establishment rage we all feel and he articulated his position well in claiming that the GOP nomination isn’t worth having if the party is ditched by people like Mark Levin and Sarah Palin (which I agree with).

Yet DeVito made a great point as well:

In his lead, Sheppard goes on to say, “If conservatives are advised by Governor Palin (unlike in 2012) and Mark Levin to either stay home or vote third-party, then it is impossible to see how Florida could be won by, for example, Jeb Bush.” Here is where we get into 2016 speculation.

I can’t speak for Mark Levin, but I am 100% certain Sarah Palin would never counsel voters to stay home, or sit out an election. Further, in the Sarah Palin Channel video, Role of Women, Millennials in 2016, Sarah Palin flat-out said voting third party is throwing away your vote.

The beauty of Palin supporters with their fierce independence and the discussions on these topics certainly brings out their best in discussing these various scenarios.


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