The Mittster to huddle with key members of his 2012 team tonight

Via Robert Costa:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who has been encouraged by his allies to consider another run for the White House, will meet with several of his former political advisers Wednesday in Menlo Park, Calif., for a private dinners.

The dinner will be held at a Madera, a Michelin-starred New American restaurant about a mile from Stanford University’s campus, shortly after he lectures at Stanford University on presidential politics, according to Republicans familiar with his plans.

Kelli Harrison, a spokesperson for Romney, confirmed the details of Romney’s swing through Northern California.

Romney’s visit to the San Francisco area comes as former Florida governor Jeb Bush moves closer to formally launching a campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, while chatter about a possible third presidential run by Romney has quieted.

But some Romney associates, including prominent donors and consultants, have privately insisted that he remains interested in a possible return to the national stage, and that he is waiting to see how the GOP field unfolds before he makes a final decision on his future.

I hope he runs. And not just for the rich blogging opportunities Mandate Mitt will provide. The way I see it, the more RINOs in the race the better. Let the Mittster, Jeb, Chris Christie, and any other center-left candidate who bothers calling himself or herself a Republican throw their hats in the ring. The more the merrier. It will be fun watching them fight over all that establishment money and waste it on the same incompetent, parasitic Washington campaign consultants who suck their candidates’ campaign coffers dry year after year after year with no expectation of actual results. With the establishment split, it will be much easier for a constitutional conservative to win a plurality in those early primary and caucus states. Karl Rove will blow another gasket which will make it even more fun. The one thing I don’t get, though, is this: If the Mittster is really serious about running, why would he want to “huddle” with the same bunch of losers who surrounded him in 2012? I don’t get it.

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