Was This Obama’s Katrina Moment?

January 12th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

In April of 2010, President Barack Obama prohibited any connection between Islam and terrorism and began rewriting America’s ‘National Security Strategy.  Any references between the Muslim faith, and words such as terrorism, extremism, or jihad were to be banished in a redirection of American foreign policy, aiming toward Obama’s goal of ending the United States involvement in the ‘War on Terror’.  In a speech given at the National Defense University in May of 2013, he declared fait accompli, that the War on Terror was over.

It was widely noted throughout the world that Barack Obama declined to attend the Unity Rally held in Paris yesterday.  Nor did he allow the United States to be represented by any high level official, choosing to send in the lowly French Ambassador as the very merest token of support.  As world leaders assembled, Attorney General Eric Holder sat in a Paris TV studio and chatted with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.  This wasn’t a slap, but a fist in the face toward America’s longest ally.

Last Saturday, the French Prime Minister broke ranks with Barack Obama, declaring that France was at war with radical Islam.  The White House likely had a heads up in this re-shifting of French foreign policy, and this is the reason neither Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, or even Eric Holder (who was in Paris at the time attending a conference with French officials), took a pass on their invitations to participate in the Unity Rally.  France snubbed Obama’s policy, so Obama snubbed France.


The snub was noticed.  Everywhere.  A google search of the terms ‘obama “no show” paris‘ yields an astonishing 265,000 results, this a mere 24 hours after the Unity Rally was held.  Newpaper’s worldwide published the faux pas on their front pages.  CNN anchor Jake Tapper published a piece today with the headline, “I’m Ashamed by U.S. Leaders’ Absence in Paris“. Facebooker’s posted.  Twitterer’s tweeted.


Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August of 2005.  Rightly or wrongly, George W. Bush was heavily criticized for his response to the natural disaster.  His administration never recovered.  A media that was never overly friendly stepped up their attacks in all policy areas and agendas that the administration pursued.  There isn’t much to point toward in the 43rd president’s legacy after Hurricane Katrina.

Barack_Obama's_Katrina_MomentBarack Obama is already firmly entered into the lame duck phase of his presidency.  Stunning Democratic defeats in the 2014 midterms are roundly assigned to the courses he has taken.  His adoring mainstream media shills have already shown far less willingness to prop his ambitions.  They have almost universally questioned the tone deaf optics of his neglectful, insulting conduct in the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris.  This was President Barack Obama’s Katrina moment.  All of the American populace, and the entire world are now finally seeing the man for who he truly is.  A president who has taken America too far down his dark path.

We now enter a world where the French are leading the West against the reign of terror that Muslim extremists are waging with the silent consent of so-called moderates in every corner of the globe.  The days of Freedom Fries have ended.  It’s French Fries again!



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