POP CULTURE: @SarahPalinUSA VS @PETA – A Kinder Gentler @PerezHilton Weighs In

I remember back in 2006(ish) when Perez Hilton’s offices were The Coffee Bean  on Sunset & Fairfax in West Hollywood. Back then every time you got your latte’ you got something with it. You got Perez Hilton. Mr. Hilton (whose real name is Mario Lavenderia) used the bar’s free wi-fi everyday to work on his VERY influential website Perez Hilton. In the last 10 years Perez has turned into much more than a gossip columnist. Perez Hilton is a modern day Hedda Hopper. It would probably be arrogant of me to take for granted that everyone knows the significance of Hedda Hopper – so here’s a link to her wiki page HEDDA HOPPER.

Seizing the (until recently) absent throne of  Hopper in 10 years is a big deal in Hollywood. Huge. Good for him. I’ve always admired Perez. He works hard. Everyday. Even on weekends & holidays. Perez understands the value of hard work & has singlehandedly built a mini empire from scratch (& sweat). His seizing of Hopper’s throne isn’t just the Hollywood dream come true. It’s the American dream come true & I congratulate him for it.

There’s been a lot of talk here in Hollywood about a softer Perez Hilton. It’s true. After he lost 70 lbs & became a father he changed. A lot. For example: Perez Hilton has a mouth on him & he uses it. Often in shocking & obscene ways that are always simultaneously: very-effective-ways. Part of his clever shtick is drawing on pictures of famous people & publishing them along with his posts. Sometimes crude, usually provocative, things are added to the faces (& other areas of the body) of noteworthy people. Until recently (after the weight loss & parenthood) every picture he published of Governor Sarah Palin had both of her eyes blocked out & devil horns drawn onto her head.

When I read Perez’s write up about the whole PALIN VS PETA thing I couldn’t help but notice a few things. Gone were the blocked out eyes & devil horns. Gone were the intentionally unflattering pictures of GSP. Gone was the faux Tina Fey archetype of GSP. Gone was the ignorant quitter misdirection meme. Instead, Perez explained the embarrassing Obama ate a dog true story just in case his readers had been filtered out of that bizarre bit of actual truth. Perez went on by saying: “…the politician firmly believes she has given nothing but love to both her son and her dog. She writes…” & then he ends the post by acknowledging PETA’s double standard.

Oh…& the picture he used of GSP was FLAWLESS!


I can’t be the only one who feels a shift in the force!? (Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?)


BONUS: This is the hard part. But, together, we can do it.

As conservatives we get pissed off (a lot) at the way we are treated in the lame stream media. The LSM treats conservatives somewhere in between being a smoker & having to sit in the back of the bus by force (especially if you are a gay or black conservative – then the blatant hatred is tenfold).

RAAAACIST…STUPID…HOMOPHOBIC…CRAZY…MEAN…we all know the redundant list of default memes hurled at us when the left is losing one of the arguments of the day. The meme is available for use in both subtle & vitriolic depending on how badly they desire to control the feelings of the electorate.

Personally, I am beyond tired of the left dividing Americans into little boxes. It’s disgusting. The White Box, The Black Box, The Hispanic Box, The Gay Box, The Senior Box, The Asian Box, The Millennial Box, The  Handicapped 1/2 Black Albino Lesbian With Aids Box (ok…I made that one up to prove my point). C’mon, we’re better than this. We are better than little boxes neatly categorized in the state computer. We are all Americans. No more boxes! There is only one box. It’s called THE AMERICAN BOX & we should all be proud & thank God we have been blessed to live in this exceptional nation.

As I wrote this I purposefully left out stuff about Perez Hilton. I intentionally focused only on the positive & uplifting aspects of his rise, career & level of influence. I didn’t put him into a little box or link to some of the difficult periods of his career & life. It’s not easy to become a kinder gentler person. I believe that I treated Perez Hilton fairly. I also believe that Perez Hilton has evolved into someone who has the potential to treat GSP fairly. Expect to see more of these people come out of the closet in 2015 & beyond.








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