Gov. Sarah Palin: Barack Obama is a Chicken? • Inside Edition

January 14th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Governor Sarah Palin opined on a number of topics with ‘Inside Edition host Deborah Norville, including the firm suggestion that President Barack Obama is a chicken, having gone “overboard in being politically correct. “It is in a sense being a chicken, as was made manifest when we didn’t have a high ranking official go over and unify with other world leaders to say ‘no!’, this Islamic fundamentalism that is resulting in such terror across our globe.”

On the new season of Amazing America, Palin said that the show would provide inspiration to the “homes in America who have really been craving and deserving some good news about our country. Wanting to know about those who are overcomers, and those who can encourage and inspire, and really give us true hope in this, country so that we don’t give up on America.

Palin also discounted the possibility of Mitt Romney taking a third bite at the presidential apple, saying “We need new energy, we need new blood. We need new ideas.”

Norville asked the former Alaska Governor, “Where are the Republican women when it comes to running for the White House?” Palin applauded Norville’s question, responding “I don’t give a flying flip about what gender the person will be. I want the absolute best, because America deserves the best in terms of leadership getting this country on the right track. But yeah, it would be nice and it will be nice to see women jump into the ring.”

Norville also asked Palin about the recent ‘controversy’ when her son Trig, who has Down Syndrome stepped on the family dog, asking about the challenges of raising a child with special needs.  The Governor replied, “That whole episode a week ago or so was perplexing and really it was idiotic that is turned out the way it did.  He physically met that goal that day trying to reach the sink, and that was on New Year’s day.  And I thought hey, what an awesome opportunity to share with America that we all face challenges.  We all have obstacles and stumbling blocks.  Well you know what, do what Trig just did.  Turn that stumbling block into a stepping stone.”

Watch the nationally broadcast segment:

A slightly less edited version of the interview was made available online by Inside Edition:


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