Two Ways You Can Support The Puppy Jake Foundation

January 7th, 2015 • iizthatiz

Governor Sarah Palin is not the only one who has come under attack from the leftist hate crowd over photograph’s posted of Trig Palin and Jill Hadassah.  They are also directing their venom toward ‘The Puppy Jake Foundation’ that provided the Palin family with the service dog that assists Trig’s needs.  Many leftist sites are writing articles heavily critical of the foundation and questioning the service Puppy Jake provides to returning veterans.  Some sites are even demanding inspections of the Palin family home!  The Puppy Jake Facebook page has also been under attack, with many leaving vile comments and nasty reviews.

So what can you do to show your support for The Puppy Jake Foundation?


01-07-15_Two_Ways_You_Can_Support_The_Puppy_Jake_Foundation_fb_bannerOne way is to take a minute to visit Puppy Jake on Facebook and leave them a ‘Five Star’ review by clicking this link.  That will be a very appreciated counter against those who have been visiting the page and leaving unwarranted bad reviews.  Make sure that you also like their page.

Of course the other way is to visit the Puppy Jake website and support them with your $$$’s.  Any amount (even a small donation of just a few dollars) would be an enthusiastic vote for all of the good work they do for our service men and women.  You can even choose to honor someone (Trig Palin, Sarah Palin) when you make your contribution, letting them know that Palin supporters stand behind the foundation’s work and appreciate everything that this non-profit organization does.


About The Puppy Jake Foundation

We select, train and place our service dogs with brave wounded warriors. Puppy Jake Foundation also provides resources for the advocacy, awareness and acceptability in public for those that require the assistance of a service dog.

Our Mission: To improve the physical and emotional well-being of wounded military veterans through well bred, socialized and professionally trained service dogs.

Our Vision: To be the leading non-profit organization in placing service dogs to assist wounded military veterans by:

  • Selecting healthy and outstanding dogs
  • Conducting an intensive training and socialization program
  • Placing dogs with combat wounded veterans
  • Following up to ensure success of both the dog and veteran team

Through these efforts, we seek to enhance the quality of life for wounded military veterans and by expanding and sharing knowledge, to advance the understanding of issues facing wounded veterans as well as service dogs. (courtesy The Puppy Jake Foundation)


Support The Puppy Jake Foundation today by clicking this link.



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