Ted Nugent • Muslim Silence Against Terrorism Equals Guilt

January 15th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Rocker Ted Nugent issued a strong rebuke to the majority of Muslims for failing to speak out forcefully against Islamic terrorism, comparing the inaction of many to the silence of  wartime Germans against Nazi atrocities.  In an interview today with KSKY, Nugent agreed that almost all people condemn the violent acts of radicals, “except in our beloved blood-brother Muslim community.”

In making the analogy to wartime Deutschland, Nugent said, “I smell Nuremberg 1937-1938, and somebodies turning their back and denying the horrors. And until someone steps forward from the ‘German‘ community and identifies the SS and the brown-shirts and the stink from Auschwitz, your silence equals guilt.”

Today’s radio interview was an amplification on remarks Nugent wrote earlier this week in a column for World Net Daily entitled, “Save The Planet: Kill The Muslim Third Reich”.

The ‘Motor City Madman’ covered other topics in today’s interview with KSKY host Mark Davis, including his work with military veterans, the culture clash between the lifestyle of his rock n’ roll friends and that of his healthy Christian living, plus his hunting activities, including his recent encounters with Governor Sarah Palin.




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