Video Roundup: Earnest spars with media over Obama’s bizarre refusal to send anyone to Paris

This guy is every bit as bad at spinning for Obama has Carney was. Either that or Obama’s “explanations” for his Administrations amateurish incompetence are simply unspinnable. Not that the distinction matters.  Anyway, here are several video highlights of Josh Earnest struggling to explain the inexplicable. Enjoy:

Ed Henry to Earnest: Why Was Obama Able To Go To Mandela’s Funeral, But Not To France?:

Earnest: Obama Didn’t Decide Not To Go To Paris, it didn’t reach his level:

Earnest: “We Should Have Sent Someone With A Higher Profile” To France:

Reporter: Biden Was Sitting Home All Weekend, Could Have Gone To Paris; Earnest: “So Was The President”:

There are more equally painful videos from yesterday’s presser, but you get the idea.

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