THOMAS: Governor Palin Viable 2016 POTUS Candidate

NOTE: This post was written by C4P Guest Contributor Ron Devito, Publisher, US for Palin


Kevin Fobbs at Freedoms Gate Interviews C4P’s Thomas S. Schmitz:

Sarah Palin Viable 2016 POTUS Candidate

Former VP nominee Governor Sarah Palin is a viable 2016 POTUS candidate, Thomas Schmitz, who is on the editorial staff of Conservatives4Palin and serves as Chairman of the board for the political non-profit organization American Grizzlies United said in an interview with Kevin Fobbs.”Competition is good. Competition makes better leaders work harder. Competition allows the character, record and accomplishments of the candidate to come out, so the people can make a choice. Competition separates the women from the girls, and the men from the boys,” Schmitz said.

When asked if John McCain’s nod of support to Sarah Palin helps her, Schmitz said, “absolutely yes….Gov. Palin has said numerous times she considers the senior Senator from Arizona a friend and a hero.” He said this speaks to Gov. Palin’s “loyalty, honor, and courage” – qualities that are sorely lacking in Washington, D.C. today. Gov. Palin has a true servant’s heart. She is a servant leader. “A true public servant neither seeks nor denies the Presidency.”

Young, Plenty of Time to Serve in Office
Will Pack Punch Regardless of Role

“Gov. Palin is very young and has plenty of time to serve in office. No matter what role she takes, she’s going to pack a punch,” Schmitz said. Gov. Palin turns 51 this February 11. Her forebear – Ronald Reagan – would not be President for 16 years following The Speech. Schmitz said it’s time to dump these “imaginary rules” set by the establishment that candidates “must have this or must have that by a certain date” or they’re not serious. He said, “if a candidate has the right character and the right message, the candidate doesn’t have to do all these expensive silly things that the establishment insists upon.”

Schmitz recounted Gov. Palin’s endorsement successes of 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Only One Public Servant Truly Ready for Hillary

Schmitz said, “Gov. Palin is the only one on the conservative back bench who does not have to craft a conservative message. She lives it.” She is the only one with a record of fighting crony capitalism. “She is a fighter with a track record to prove it. She has taken on special interests in Alaska and won. She has taken on crony capitalism in Alaska and won. She took on PETA and won.” He continued, “Gov. Palin understands the inherent link between, energy, security, and prosperity. She understands that Islamic terrorism is a threat to our way of life. She understands that American foreign policy should be founded in American interests.”

“This back bench may be deep, but there is only one public servant who is truly ready for Hillary.”

Strongest Reason for Gov. Palin to Run in 2016

Schmitz said Gov. Palin “would put country first,” “understands that energy independence is the key to our economic security.” She believes in American exceptionalism, understands that we must stop raising taxes, repeal ObamaCare, and stop this out-of-control spending spree. “She understands that we must reduce the size and intrusiveness of the American government. She is honest, she is sincere.

Praesis ut Prosis ne ut Imperis
Lead in Order to Serve, Not in Order to Rule

“Gov. Palin understands that the role of government is to serve us not to rule us,” Schmitz said. He said the government, the Goliath special interests, and Hollywood Nerd Herd are covering for Obama’s miserable failures. Real people – us – are the solution, not “inside the Beltway pros.” He said, “it’s time now to take a stand, answer the call….I believe in the power of one. Gov Palin believes in the power of one. We can make a difference. It is our duty. We must. We are Americans.”

Hey, Idiot! Drill Baby Drill is Policy!!!

“Anyone who says ‘Drill Baby Drill’ is not a policy is an idiot! We need to drill and frack relentlessly. You can drill your way to prosperity,” Schmitz said. “We need to be doing it now. We need to be doing an all-of-the-above approach,” he said.

Schmitz encouraged listeners to go to Conservatives4Palin.


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