A Very Busy Few Weeks For Governor Palin

Governor Palin will be quite active over the course of the next several weeks with many events on her schedule.


February 12th • NAPE 2015

Governor Palin will deliver the keynote address at the Decision Makers Breakfast at the 2015 NAPE Summit in Houston, Texas.  C4P has the full write-up HERE

February 12th • Wagner Noël

Later that evening, Governor Palin will speak at the Wagner Noël Center in Midland, Texas as part of the Shepperd Distinguished Lecture series for the University of Texas.  C4P first reported this event back in July.  More details can be found in a recent article at this link.

February 15th • Saturday Night Live

Governor Palin has been invited to take part in Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special.  The 3 hour broadcast will air this Sunday evening.  C4P reported the few available details last week.

February 25th • NATE Unite

Governor Palin will be giving yet another keynote address at the NATE Unite conference in Florida.  C4P has all the details HERE

February 25th-28th • CPAC

For the fourth straight year, Governor Palin will address the ACU’s CPAC conference in Washington D.C.  The appearance was reported on C4p last week.  CPAC has yet to reveal the full schedule for this years event, but details will be announced at this link.

March 2nd • Cambridge

Governor Palin will address the prestigious Cambridge Union at the beginning of March in England.  C4P has all the details HERE


A very busy time indeed for the Governor.  C4P will be reporting the details of all of these events!

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