Large Crowd Gathers in Midland, TX for Gov. Sarah Palin

February 13th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

photo courtesy the John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute

A crowd estimated at 2,000 filled the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center in Midland, Texas to hear Governor Sarah Palin’s speech in the Distinguished Lecture Series for the John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute.  The Institute is a part of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and the lecture series is free and open to the public.

The topic for the evening was “Groundbreakers, Mavericks, and Trailblazers: How Women are Showing 21st Century Leadership”, a subject Palin had to reflect on, “I had to put a lot of thought into, well what am going to say because for me personally, its almost a foreign thought”,  Palin said.  “Maybe because being raised in Alaska” .. “There’s a lot of independent spirit up there, and there’s an expectation growing up that the girls are gonna work as hard and the boys. And then the women are going to work as hard as the men, just in order to survive some of the conditions up there,” .. “It’s ingrained in me, the acknowledgment that women have awesome opportunities in America to do whatever we want to do.”

“I never had those moments where I said I want to give up. My Dad always raised us to say when times are tough, don’t retreat. You reload, but don’t retreat,” Palin said.  … “I’m hoping that for the younger generations they know that nothings stopping them.”

photo courtesy Courtney Sacco

Palin said the country is suffering from a dire lack of good leadership, something that will be paramount in the next presidential election.

What’s right in Washington, Palin said, is our history. The country America was built on an expectation of a reward for hard work and development of our natural resources, Palin said.

But Washington is broken. “It’s amazing what they’re taking away from us in terms of taxes and resources and they are wasting and hiding,” Palin said. “… We don’t have to put up with it.”

She said people need to be informed about the challenges facing the nation, work hard to elect candidates they believe in, hold them accountable and remind them that the people are the boss and we won’t tolerate the “shenanigans” going on.

If we keep going the way we are, she said, we’ll be bankrupt and no longer a sovereign nation. “We’re already on the brink now. That’s why 2016 is so important,” Palin said. (

photo courtesy Courtney Sacco

The Governor also took a series of questions from the audience on a wide variety of topics.

Having spoken about the importance of grooming leaders for tomorrow, she said kids can pick up on the political brutality in the country.

“There is so much division,” Palin said. “The media lies about people. Look at what’s going on at NBC (and the revelations about anchor Brian Williams). I think young people pick up on that, too. That’s why I mentioned distrust of the media. There are things we can do about that, though. We can instill in young people that patriotism is a good thing.”

She said people don’t have to idolize Hollywood stars. Kids can be taught about what the founders went through in creating “the charters of liberty” and emulate that history (

Palin revealed that she views being a mother, not a former vice presidential candidate, not a former governor of Alaska, as her legacy.

“It (her legacy) would have to be about being a mom,” Palin said. “Speaking of political incorrectness, I’m sure that those that consider themselves feminists just cringe at such a thing when I talk about it.” (

Asked who she would want to have a lengthy conversation with, she chose President Abraham Lincoln. Her other two favorites are George Wash­ington and Ronald Reagan.

Reagan is someone she admires for his ability to find common ground with Democrats during his tenure as president on items like Social Security. She contends Social Security will go broke in 10 years. (

Asked if women should be placed in combat roles in the military, Palin said if a woman is equal to a male soldier or any person in the military, she doesn’t see why wom­en couldn’t serve in that role. On the other hand, she said, men and women are created differently and she wouldn’t want to see standards changed.

“Men are stronger physically; mentally, no question (women are stronger). Out in the field, it’s hard for me to imagine that women would be on par with men” due to the physical nature of being in battle, Palin said. (

Palin didn’t reveal if her eyes are set on running for President in 2016. However, she believes more women in general will take leadership roles.

“We’re at that point where we don’t have to focus so much on gender because I think more and more Americans are getting it, that yes, there will be a woman President someday. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago that was unfathomable for some people, but now it’s not impossible to fathom,” Palin said. (newswest9)


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Sarah Palin came to the Permian Basin dressed up West Texas style. Check out these heels she was sporting on stage. (photo courtesy Lauren Lanmon)


photo courtesy L.D. Pesce

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